7 Actually Supportive Backless Bras That Will Stay in Place

The NuBra Seamless Bra Cups won’t budge — even on hot, muggy days.

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Backless Bras


Jennifer Lopez did it. Emily Blunt did it. And they both did it while walking the red carpet—we're talking about going backless. While it's tempting to think that going backless is only something A-listers (or those unafraid of going braless) can get away with, we've got some good news: anyone can pull it off with the help of the right undergarments.

Jessica Pfister, Vice President of Le Mystere, tells InStyle that as fashion has evolved, the lingerie market has kept pace. "As dresses and tops have taken the plunge from the front and the back, invisible support products have become abundant and super easy to find at retailers like Target, Amazon, and your local department store," she says. Not only did the market keep up, but it did so while keeping comfort at the forefront. "Technological advancements have allowed manufacturers to create more flexible, comfortable options that are less cumbersome than they were in the past," Pfister adds.

Loosely translated, that means you should have no trouble finding a backless bra to wear with your favorite outfit—and our front-runner for every occasion is the NuBra Seamless Bra Cups for their strong adhesive and invisibility.

No matter what occasion you're shopping for, keep reading for the best backless bras.

Best Overall

NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra

NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra


What We Love: It stays in place, so you never have to worry about it slipping.

What We Don't Love: It might not cover the entire breast if you wear a larger cup size.

Made with medical-grade adhesive and lightweight silicone, the NuBra will be one of the most comfortable backless bras — it won't feel heavy or pull on your skin when you go to take it off. It even has a fabric lining for extra comfort. It comes in cup sizes A-E as well as multiple skin tones, making it particularly versatile. And professional wardrobe stylist and owner of Builtgracefully, Grace Thomas thinks every woman should have this bra in their wardrobe. "The NuBra is a best seller for a reason," says Thomas. "With the adhesive backing on the cups, the bra stays in place all day, doesn't slip, and leaves you with a clean strapless, backless look," says Thomas. Plus, with proper care, it can be worn up to 100 times.

If you like a little more cleavage NuBra can also help perk up the girls, courtesy of the hook front closure. To help you out, the brand provides directions on the packaging on how to achieve optimal cleavage.

Price at time of publish: $47

Size Range: A - E | Colors: 7 | Materials: Silicone, Polyester, and Polyurethane

Best Value

Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra

Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra


What We Love: It's seamless, so it will be invisible under any fabric.

What We Don't Love: According to reviews, the adhesive on the cups can be slightly irritating.

With over 12,000 five-star reviews, Niidor's adhesive backless bra stands as one of the highest-rated backless bras on Amazon, indicating that it checks all the right boxes for backless bras. The discreet design features a flattering deep V-shape in the front, so it works just as well with plunging necklines. Moreover, the adhesive is strong enough to hold for hours, and reviewers note that it beautifully supports larger cup sizes. Plus, it's available in a range of colors and sizes, too.

Price at time of publish: $29

Size Range: A - G | Colors: 4 | Materials: 100% Silicone

Best Splurge

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

SPANX Women's Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit


What We Love: This bodysuit covers all the bases — with a low-back, front-plunge, and all-over smoothing

What We Don't Love: While the straps are adjustable, they aren't completely detachable.

While this piece is not technically a backless bra per se, it is a one-and-done solution in any event (pun definitely intended). Not only is it deep cut in the back, and plunging in the front, it also offers major support and light shaping, too. The pièce de résistance, though, might be the Easy Access Gusset that expertly addresses the most common concern women have with one-piece shapewear — going to the bathroom.

Price at time of publish: $148

Size Range: XS-XL | Colors: 2 | Materials: Elastane and Nylon

Best Plus-Size

Brassybra 3 Sets Adhesive Bra

What We Love: This works well for both low-cut and backless looks.

What We Don't Love: It takes a little practice to correctly secure the tape.

The idea for Brassybra came to founder Katherina Borve after she resorted to using duct tape on her wedding day when she couldn't find a backless bra that fit her breasts. Susan Moses, celebrity Stylist and author of "The Art of Dressing Curves," is all too familiar with that challenge, which is why she recommends this backless bra to her clients; it gives larger breasts support, security, and a discreet lift. It supports cup sizes D and larger as well as comes in different shades to accommodate a wide range of skin tones. Because it technically is just boob tape, it feels weightless and will be comfortable for all-day wear.

Price at time of publish: $38

Size Range: A - G | Colors: 5 | Materials: Cotton and Polyurethane

Best for Small Breasts

Fashion Forms Nubra Ultralite Backless Strapless Bra

Fashion Forms Nubra Ultralite Backless Strapless Bra


What We Love: The front clasp allows you to create a bit of cleavage.

What We Don't Love: It only comes in one color.

Unlike many backless bra options, this one from Fashion Forms doesn't have side extensions — any support the bra offers comes courtesy of the cups, which are adhesive, wireless, and molded for shape and coverage. Smaller breasts may not need that extra security that those with larger breasts crave. But don't worry, for those looking for some enhancement, the front closure also offers lift and cleavage.

It's worth noting that while it comes in cup sizes up to DDs, the bra itself offers little support. Though reviewers say that it's still a great backless bra option. On a final note, the product description indicates that this bra is reusable up to 25 times, but care and storage practices can and will affect its performance and longevity.

Price at time of publish: $36

Size Range: A - DD | Colors: 1 | Materials: Silicone adhesive, Polyester, and Polyurethane

Best for Large Breasts

Va Bien Low Back Strapless Bustier

Va Bien Ultra-Lift Low Back Bustier


What We Love: The boning provides structure and support.

What We Don't Love: The low v-shaped back may not work for some tops or dresses.

For large breasts, Moses suggests long-line, backless bras for lift, security, and structure. "All of these design elements are really important because, with the absence of straps, you don't want to worry about your bra sliding down, shifting, and ruining your look,'' she says. This bustier from Va Bien checks all those boxes. While it's not technically backless, the super low V-back is low enough to work with a backless top or dress. Plus, it's lightweight enough to work under thinner fabrics like silk.

Price at time of publish: $85

Size Range: 32C - 38D | Colors: 3 | Materials: Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex

Best for Plunge Necklines

Fashion Forms U Plunge Backless Strapless Bra

Fashion Forms U Plunge Backless Strapless Bra


What We Love: The high-cut cups enhance cleavage.

What We Don't Love: There's no adhesive on the cups — only on the wings making it less secure than other options.

Fashion Forms has a long history in the specialty bra market, so whether you're looking for strapless, backless, or anything that's barely there, chances are you'll find it in their assortment. Case in point: The U-Plunge Backless Strapless Bra, which essentially has you covered for virtually any situation. Side boning and molded cups offer plenty of support and lift, and adhesive wings ensure that everyone stays put. It also accommodates cups up to size D, and is available in black and neutral.

Price at time of publish: $36

Size Range: A - D | Colors: 2 | Materials: Nylon, Spandex, and Silicone Adhesive Wings

What to Keep in Mind

Cup Size

It should come as no surprise that cup size plays an important role in your purchase of a backless bra. Typically, backless bras don't have a band, so the sizing is all about the cup.

As you might have guessed, those with average-sized breasts will probably find a wealth of choices, whereas those who are larger or smaller than average size might hit a few snags.


Pfister tells InStyle that comfort is key. "No matter how amazing you look, if you are taped to the hilt or bandaged up so much that you cannot breathe, you are not going to be able to enjoy your evening," she says. Instead, Pfister suggests opting for a backless bra or adhesive that gives you enough support, but also allows you to move . "If you are a smaller cup size, sometimes just a nipple cover will do the trick," she says.

The Directions

Backless bras are different from your standard bras. In the absence of straps, it's often an adhesive that keeps them in place, and while "peel and stick" sounds pretty basic, the process may not be as intuitive as you might think when you have to work around your breasts.

Truth be told, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a trial run in the days leading up to your event so you can iron out any wrinkles beforehand. Also, keep in mind that many backless bras are reusable, but maintenance and storage play a big role in their usefulness and longevity.

Your Questions, Answered

What do most women get wrong when buying backless bras?

Pfister tells InStyle that one of the biggest misconceptions is that a backless bra will support you like a standard bra. "If you find a low back bra or bustier, it's possible that you get the lift and support you crave," she says. "However, if you are using adhesives, are over a C cup, or have very full or pendulous breasts, you need to level-set your expectations and accept that a natural support level is ok, trending, and looks quite beautiful."

Are the adhesives used for backless bras skin safe?

According to Pfister, the adhesives used in backless bras are typically medical-grade, hypoallergenic, moisture resistant, and breathable. "This is a major step up from the duct tape that was used by celebrities for years! Talk about sacrificing comfort for fashion," she says. "For the most part, companies rigorously test their product [...] to confirm consumer safety with use. I would say unless your skin is extremely sensitive, these products are fairly safe for most people." She also suggests reading the fine print if you have a latex allergy to ensure the bra you choose is latex-free.

Since many backless bras are adhesive, can I use duct tape or masking tape in a pinch?

The answer to this one is a resounding no. Yes, we've all been in a tight spot and have probably done some questionable things to get through the night and make our look "work," but duct tape or masking tape should never be an option. The adhesives used in those products are super strong and not intended for human skin. Ultimately, they can cause inflammation and allergic reactions, not to mention they can actually peel your skin off.

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