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Credit: barrie_knitwear/Instagram

If you haven’t heard of Barrie, here’s a crash course: Barrie, founded in 1903, was a cashmere manufacturer that was renowned worldwide for its legendary cashmere. Like, it’s so good Chanel decided to buy it in 2012. “It,” being the entire company.

In the winter of 2014, Barrie launched its own brand, now known for Scottish cashmere technicality and the most amazing colors and designs. These are investment pieces of the best kind; expensive, yes, but well worth it when you consider the cost per wear.

And just in case you have any questions about how often you can wear the same sweater, look no further than these adorable videos the House of Barrie created, starring model and friend of the house Emily Labowe.

Getting ready for a date? Follow these simple Barrie-approved rules:

Looking for a quick way to feel chic and energized? Here’s a how-to:

Who knew sweaters could be so much fun? Now if we could only get some cash in our savings accounts...