Plus, the college student reveals her "going out" essentials and the items she borrows from her mom's closet.

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Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon
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Despite having two famous parents, Ava Phillippe — AKA Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s daughter — is still just a regular college kid, struggling to figure out the best way to pack for school and decorate her dorm. Now, heading into her sophomore year, the 19-year-old has figured out the perfect hack: Amazon’s Off to College storefront, which provides quick links to all the essentials. After ordering a ton of stuff on the site as a freshman, Phillippe has since partnered with Amazon, compiling her own list of college must-haves for 2019 in order to help those in similar situations.

“When you get your dorm assignment, there’s such a small window of time order items and move into your dorm, so my Prime Student Membership came in handy,” she tells InStyle via email, adding that there were some items she wished she had last year. “I wish I had more organizational containers — they’re so helpful! When you’re living in a small space, clutter can accumulate really quickly. While I did order some containers to stuff my notebooks and different trinkets in, this year, I ordered a stack of them. They’ll house everything from old notebooks or books, sweaters, different accessories, and other items that can just create clutter in my room.”

Ava Phillippe Amazon Dorm Room
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It’s hard to talk college with Phillippe without thinking about Elle Woods, the law school student played by her mom in 2001’s Legally Blonde. Phillippe is a fan the character, and when asked which costumes she wishes her parents saved for her, a particular pink look is at the top of her list.

“There is a pink halter dress my mom wore on a date in Legally Blonde that I think is so fun and cute,” she reveals. “All the outfits from that movie are iconic, but this particular dress is something I could see myself wearing.”

Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon Dress
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Considering Witherspoon broke that dress out of storage a few years back (and even tried it on), we’re thinking it might be time to pass it down to her daughter. Or, at least let Phillippe make an appearance and wear it in Legally Blonde 3. We’ll continue to cross our fingers for that one!

Ahead, Phillippe shares more about her style, including the item she always has handy for a night out and her rules for borrowing clothes from her mom.

The Instagram Account She Follows For Decor Inspiration:

“I love mood board accounts like @mignonettetakespictures because they inspire me to think outside the box with how I decorate and create my space.

How She Describes Her Style:

"Comfortable and casual. I walk around campus a lot, so it’s become really important for me to make sure that, above all else, my outfit is functional and comfortable — something I wouldn’t mind wearing or walking in all day."

3 Staples She Always Has in Her Closet:

  1. "A good pair of jeans. I think this should be an essential in any closet."
  2. "A lightweight but warm jacket. Going to school in Northern California, temperatures can change super quickly, so this is an important one to make sure you have!"
  3. "A comfortable pair of sneakers. It’s now trendy to pair a sneaker with a dress or midi skirt, along with wearing it with jeans. They’re also helpful for me since I’m walking around all day!"

Her College “Going Out” Essential:

"A small crossbody bag. When you’re out and about, the last thing you want to do is hold your keys, phone, and any other essentials in your pockets or in your hands — or worse, lose those items!"

Her Rules For Sharing Clothes:

“My roommate and I don’t really share the same style, but we still ask each other for advice if one of us is unsure of an outfit. She’s great at giving an honest opinion on what I’m wearing, while still encouraging me to love the way I look, which I something I really appreciate about her. As for my mom and me, we share clothes all the time! She’s really generous with her closet, and I’ve borrowed everything from socks to fancy dresses from her. Of course, if I want to wear something of hers that I think might be a little more expensive or of more sentimental value, I make sure to ask her permission first. That’s definitely a rule of ours.”

Her Favorite ‘90s Trend:

"Mini backpacks! They’re so cute. I have a Steve Madden one from Amazon. It’s just a fun accessory that also holds everything I might need for a day out."

The One Item She Wears On Repeat:

“Denim shorts or a good pair of jeans. Depending on the weather, I think you can pretty much match any top with denim shorts or pair of jeans. I live in my Paige jeans — the distressed ends give them a cropped effect, which is great because I’m shorter.”

How She Styles Her Denim Shorts:

"I’ll pair them with a cute crop top and boots during the warmer months and maybe a sweater when it starts to get a little chilly."