Ashley Graham, Veronica Webb, and Marquita Pring on the Groundbreaking Dressbarn Campaign That Empowers Women

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 19: Ashley Graham, Veronica Webb and Marquita Pring attend 2016 Dressbarn fall campaign launch with Ashley Graham at Industria Superstudio on October 19, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)
Photo: John Lamparski/WireImage

Powerful. Insightful. Bold. These were the words that came to mind at Dressbarn’s More Than a Name fall campaign launch in N.Y.C. “It’s not just about size anymore, it’s about inclusivity. No matter what stereotypes or labels are put on a woman, she can be more than that. She can be who she wants to be,” says model Ashley Graham, who’s featured in the campaign alongside Veronica Webb and Marquita Pring.

All three women strongly believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and look her best. As Webb told us, “What I love about this campaign is the celebration of diversity ... there’s not one idea of beauty. You can be sexy, curvy and juicy, petite and pretty. Fashion’s first job is to make people feel confident. Once you feel confident, you can concentrate on the big things you want to do, like raise your family and do really well at your job.”

Dress Barn Event - 3
Courtesy Dressbarn

But being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to looking great. Just ask Graham (pictured above): “Women have to take a chance. Cut labels out, cut sizes out! I can wear anything from a small to an extra-extra-large. You can’t be afraid to try things on or go to a different store. Maybe you don’t like your arms—well, show off those legs! Check all insecurities at the door and say, ‘You know what, tonight I’m going to be bold and be the woman I haven’t been in fashion yet.’”

Dress Barn Event - 2
Courtesy Dressbarn

"There’s something about this time," Pring adds (pictured above). "This is the year of the woman, 2016—we have a woman running for president! You’ve got Ashley Graham, who is killing it as one of the most vivacious, voluptuous women. People are finally realizing that you don’t have to be one size to be beautiful. Women can stand up for themselves, start to look within and love themselves, be their best, and put themselves out there."

Dress Barn Event - 1
Courtesy Dressbarn

Pring continues: “With the evolution of social media, we foresee much more positive movement.” Adds Webb (pictured above), “Forward-thinking companies and designers are celebrating diversity in every way. What makes fashion real and exciting is that everyone wears it in their own way.”

“We finally have designers and outlets where a woman my size or bigger can find clothes that will express who she truly is, her mood, and her aesthetic,” says Graham. “It’s a slow process, but we’re getting there.”

We think Pring sums up this positive movement the best when she says, “Be yourself, put yourself out there—screw the rules!"

Check out their campaign images, above, and head to to shop the latest collection.

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