It's become the actress' signature look.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Apr 02, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Credit: WCP,Bruce ,Javilez / BACKGRID

At some point, it hits us: we’ve been wearing that same sweater, dress, or overall outfit combination a little too often, and it might be time to switch things up. However, there’s nothing wrong with repeating a look (hello, Kate Middleton!) or developing a uniform of sorts. Jennifer Aniston’s closet is probably filled with scarves, while Charlize Theron has a go-to dress style. Even Angelina Jolie has a type when it comes to her outfits. She’s been wearing the same long, breezy caftans for years at this point.

In fact, as we work from home, struggling to find outfits that are both cozy and cute, Jolie’s signature style has been on our mind. It turns out the actress had the solution all along, so if you’re getting sick of wearing same pair of sweats, use these photos as inspiration and find yourself a caftan (or even a robe or maxi dress), ASAP.

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On more than one occasion, Jolie has worn her caftan with leather sandals from Gabriela Hearst, convincing us that a pair of slides will perfectly complete the look.

Credit: The Mega Agency

Jolie also enjoys stepping out in maxi dresses — a.k.a. the caftan's cousin. It's a little less beachy, and oversized options can be cinched with a belt to make them feel elevated.


The good news is, investing in a flowy dress now will come in handy once the weather really heats up. While this style is cool enough to wear in the sun, a longer skirt can act as a blanket when the AC is turned on high.

Credit: Bruce/Javiles/WCP / BACKGRID

Jolie's caftans realy are the best of both worlds. They're effortless and require little thought in the morning, but solid-colored options are still super sleek and can be dressed up with accessories.

Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

At the moment, we're too not worried about what to wear while grabbing drinks or going on a date. However, we won't be indoors forever. The actress has proven you can dress up a caftan, too, wearing hers with classic pumps and diamond studs.