Here's the Story Behind Carrie Bradshaw's Big, Poufy Paris Gown in the 'AJLT' Finale

And the pink gloves. Can't forget about the pink gloves.

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And Just Like That
Photo: HBO Max

No matter how you'd rate the first season of HBO Max's Sex and the City sequel show And Just Like That, you can't say it didn't lack surprise. Characters were killed off, couples broke up, and specific storylines sparked passionate debates.

The fashion also lies somewhere on that list, but for the finale episode which was released to the streaming platform on Thursday, it's safe to say Carrie didn't appear in Forever 21 (although she's apparently not opposed to earrings from Claire's). No, the new outfit on everyone's minds is now the character's bright coral Valentino gown, which she wore while spreading Big's ashes off a bridge in Paris. Complete with colorblocked pink gloves, multiple pairs of earrings, and an elaborate bun, it was quite an extravagant look for such a sad occasion — but alas, that's the true Carrie way.

And Just Like That
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"It was the only gown that came into the room," reveals Molly Rogers, one of And Just Like That's costume designers. "SJ saw it and said, 'look no more.'"

The addition of the long gloves, among other accessories, came about later, as an attempt to shield Sarah Jessica Parker from the cold in a way that would make sense.

"We wanted to add a puffy stole as well, off the shoulders, but the simplicity of the gown with her hair choice seemed like enough…if we could keep her warm!" Rogers tells us, adding that Parker actually assisted when choosing the jewelry. "SJ was really interested in cluster earrings and mismatched them in her ears with multiple pairs."

And Just Like That
A sketch of Carrie's Valentino gown. Connie Girl

Of course, there's also the minor detail that Carrie apparently held Big's ashes in a very Emily in Paris-ish Eiffel Tower bag, which she quickly clicked open before throwing them into the water. But Rogers' explanation for the novelty purse is super simple.

"What would be better?" she asks.

And Just Like That

Like all 10 episodes this season, though, standout looks could be seen in every single shot. But if you were noticing that Carrie has developed a thing for florals? Well, you're not alone. In fact, Rogers reveals over email those sweet dresses were actually a sort of symbolism for the character, who is still healing from Big's death and undergoing multiple life changes.

"Florals…new beginnings. Life has cycles. Growth," she says.

And Just Like That

Perhaps the best subtle yet must-see detail of them all, however, were Carrie's necklaces from the finale's very last scene: her NY state pendant, layered with one that showcases a medium-sized heart.

"Yes — honoring NY state, the first hit with COVID as the nation anticipated its spread across the country," reveals Rogers. "The radiating Spiked Heart Necklace by Marlo Laz signifies many things, but one of them being self love. This Valentine's Day, honor yourself!"

Rogers and her co-costume designer, Danny Santiago, plan to reveal more about their specific choices on an Instagram Live on Thursday, Feb. 3, at 7 pm EST. So, if you're hoping to discover more about each character's specific aesthetic, you'll definitely want to tune in @andjustlikethatcostumes.

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