Amelia Hamlin Is Excited to Break Out Fall's Most Classic Yet Underrated Accessory

It's the finishing touch to all of this season's best outfits.

Amelia Hamlin
Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

If you live in a location where the weather changes throughout the year, then it's possible you know how tricky it can be to dress for fall. One minute, you're carefully selecting one additional layer to put on top, and the next you have to choose what to wear to keep yourself from freezing.

Amelia Hamlin, however, does have a few suggestions — especially when it comes to those little extras that are both on-trend and practical for cooler weather. InStyle caught up with the model during New York Fashion Week, where she walked the runway and hit up a handful of events, including Bulgari's B.Zero1 party at The Standard, Highline.

"I'm looking forward to boots — big chunky boots — big blazers with shoulder pads, and loafers," she tells us. "And gloves! I feel like a glove could be cute."

Admittedly, gloves are more of a last-minute addition for us — the one thing we grab before heading out the door, worried we might feel too cold with bare hands. But, they're definitely an underrated accessory that can help make a statement when putting together any fall look.

Amelia Hamlin
Gotham/GC Images

Hamlin also has a few outfit ideas she thinks are worth trying over the next few months.

"My perfect fall outfit would probably be a pair of vintage Levi's with a Prada chunky boot or a Prada loafer — I'm down for pretty much any Prada shoe or a heeled boot," she says. "And I love a skirt with tights and boots. Walking around New York City wearing a little skirt, some tights, and some knee-high boots, you're just...*mwah*! And some gloves."

Ok, we're convinced. It's safe to say we'll be digging through our closet, trying to find the perfect pair to pull off a fall glove look any day now.

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