The Famous Accessory Katie Holmes and Meghan Markle Both Own Is on Sale for Prime Day

It’s almost never in stock.
By Tara Gonzalez
Oct 13, 2020 @ 2:57 pm
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When it comes to celebrities owning accessories under $125 (except for Jennier Lopez, she’s a real one), most of them just don’t. But can you blame them? I imagine it’s not as much fun to spend $125 as it is to spend $1,250 or $1,250,000, which A-list celebrities do everyday. Well, at least I would. Anyway, I digress.

Point is, there is a famous accessory that typically retails for $119 and every single celebrity in Hollywood owns it. The famed piece in question is Adam Selman’s iconic The Last Lolita, arguably the most popular pair of sunglasses since Ray-Ban Wayfarers. After being worn by every supermodel known to man (seriously the Hadids definitely own them in bulk) and Rihanna, The Last Lolita was in such high demand it sold out multiple times and commanded waitlists thousands of people long. Once upon a time I almost bought a pair marked up hundreds of dollars because I wanted them so badly after seeing everyone on Instagram wearing them. And now, somehow, they’re not only in stock on Amazon but also on sale for Prime Day. 

Since the Last Lolita was born, Le Specs has gone on to release even more pairs beloved by celebrities everywhere. Katie Holmes is partial to the Rapture style, which are so big the Olsen twins probably have a pair somewhere. Meghan Markle also owns a pair and loves the highly rated Airheart too, which is a favorite among Amazon reviewers. Even Justin Beiber owns a pair called the Weekend Riot, which feels very suitable for him. Every single style is on sale right now for Prime Day and if the Last Lolita’s never-ending popularity is any indication, none of them will be in stock for long.

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So if I was a celebrity, I’d probably buy every single pair of these multiple times over, but since I’m just me, I’ll buy one of each at a Prime Day price. If anything, this is probably the only Prime Day deal both Hollywood and us normals are shopping simultaneously.

Shop the best-selling Le Specs sunglasses on sale below.


Shop now: $60 (Originally $85);


Shop now: $42 (Originally $49);


Shop now: $58 (Originally $69);


Shop now: $48 (Originally $62);


Shop now: $44 (Originally $71);


Shop now: $29 (Originally $49);