Did we mention they're from Amazon?

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Jul 31, 2019 @ 3:45 pm
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Once the summer ends and cooler weather rolls on in, we're always left with the same style dilemma: what kind of coat should we add to our wardrobe? It's far from an easy decision— especially when we consider pairing it with metallics or sequin dresses — and so, it was one of the first questions we asked stylist Brad Goreski when speaking with him about Amazon's holiday offerings for 2019.

The fashion pro and red carpet host definitely knows a thing or two about what to pair with what (he dresses stars such Natalia Dyer and Kaley Cuoco), and quickly gave us two easy andaffordable options to buy off of the site. However, our Qs didn't end there. Goreski also shared some advice on the comfy clothes worth adding to our Amazon cart, told us why he can't stop investing in matching sets, and even provided ideas on how to style leggings for a fancy occasion.

The Winter Coats to Buy Before the Holiday Season

“There are two standout options that I really love. One is a kind of teddy bear coat that has a really fun texture. In the winter months, we have a tendency to go towards darker colors, more earth tones, but during the holiday party season, wearing something that's a little bit lighter and has more character to it is a great way to go. It will also pair really well with all of your metallics, like a little silver slip dress, and you can accessorize it with great earrings, a headband, or some fun little barrettes."

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To Buy: $59, amazon.com

“Another option is an oversize plaid coat. If you're someone who isn’t ready to wear a lot of color, but you want to wear something that's interesting, this is a coat that will transition well. If you wear a little bit of frill, or lace, or something a little bit girly, to have a menswear-inspired coat to go over that is a really nice contrast. And honestly, suiting will go well under that as well, if you're somebody that's going to be going from desk to dinner. It’s a coat that will transition with you all through the winter months and will also still make a statement during the holiday season.”

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To Buy: $265, amazon.com

Comfy Clothes to Wear Outside of the House

“I think we want to dress nicely in our private lives, too. I love going home and putting on my Uggs and my flannel PJs, and just kicking back and having a comfy, cozy night in. One of the sets that everybody has been talking about is a ribbed cashmere pair of pants and matching sweater. They come in an oatmeal-type color, a golden brown, and then also a creamy white. It transitions well from lounge to going and doing your errands or meeting friends. The pieces can be bought separately, but if you get them as a set, you can wear the sweater with jeans, and you can wear the pants with maybe a blouse or a gray bodysuit with a nice jacket or blazer over it."

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To Buy: $59, amazon.com

Why to Invest in Sets in General

“For my own life, I'm buying things that kind of already go together. I bought a lot of bomber jackets with matching pants in plaids, and I bought a silk one. The idea of buying things that already go together — so you have that full look but are also able to break them apart and wear them individually — you're getting more bang for your buck.”

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The Elevated Way to Style Leggings

“You can look at a legging almost like a skinny jean. Whenever you're wearing something that's kind of tight to the body, unless you're doing a full bodycon look, you usually want to have one piece that's oversize or drapey. So you can take a legging — if you're doing a black legging — and wear it with an oversize white shirt, a black blazer, and a pair of heels, depending on the finish of the leggings. Then, you really have a little cigarette-pant-looking evening look."

“You could also put them under something like a silk slip dress with a great turtleneck. If you put the slip dress over that with a great pair of embellished flats and a cute little coat, you have a way to wear the slip dress you bought in the spring to a holiday party in the winter.”

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To Buy: $50, amazon.com