Amal Clooney Is the Latest Celebrity to Wear This Outdated Bag Trend Everyone Is Obsessed With

Practicality is in.

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Amal Clooney Keeps Wearing this Big Bag Trend
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The other day, I made direct eye contact with a small bag at a store that was slightly larger than my credit card, and significantly smaller than my iPhone. Both my friends who were with me immediately tried to talk me out of it, but when the store owner offered a 40 percent discount, I had to get it. Small, impractical, tiny mini bags are my weakness. I just can't help it.

For a while, tiny cute bags that fit nothing but oxygen and Tic Tacs — if you're lucky — were everywhere. And while I'm still all about the look, most of Hollywood seems to disagree (except for Sarah Jessica Parker, obviously). A couple of weeks ago, Katie Holmes was spotted wearing an oversized bucket bag, and now, Amal Clooney is bringing back the big satchel. RIP mini bags, big bags are finally back.

Naturally, Ashley Olsen has been all about big bags for years, just like how she and Mary-Kate have never, ever, given up on oversized sunglasses or trenches, all of which were the height of fashion in 2015. Early on in the pandemic, Olsen was spotted out with the infamous $39,000 crocodile The Row backpack. It seemed to fit her entire life, with a laptop sticking out, and a charging wire dragging the floor. And while the internet was fixated on how she essentially put the down payment of a house on the New York City sidewalk, I was focused on how practical it was. But that's the appeal of a big bag: It makes sense. Thankfully, you don't need $39,000 to buy one.

Clooney's larger satchel is actually a Roger Vivier Pilgrim De Jour Bag that you can buy secondhand for around $1,000. The silhouette, though, is not that different from the many large satchels you'll find on Nordstrom, like the Kate Spade Knott satchel for $348, and even more of a bargain: the brand's more classic All-Day leather tote for $248.

Of course, if you want to go ahead and release your inner Amal Clooney, as we all should, there are some pricier options as well. The Marc Jacobs director tote costs under $500 and is on the more affordable side for oversized designer bags. The Tory Burch Radziwill satchel is like a less expensive, but just as timeless Birkin for $698. And the $1,495 Mulberry Alexa satchel, named after the Alexa Chung, looks as if a bag had a British accent. That's how fancy it is.

The thing is, oversized bags make such a statement, you can't really go wrong. And while I've recently doubled down on tiny bags with my latest purchase, after this Clooney big bag sighting, I can't help but keep making eyes at every single large bag I see. And I can guarantee that no one can talk me out of that.

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Kate Spade Knott Medium Leather Satchel

Amal Clooney bag trend

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Kate Spade All Day Large Leather Tote

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Amal Clooney bag trend

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Amal Clooney bag trend

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Amal Clooney bag trend

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Mulberry Alexa Leather Satchel

Amal Clooney bag trend

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