Allison Williams - LEAD
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Remember those insanely low-rise flared jeans you probably (read: most likely) wore in the early aughts? We don't blame you for wanting to black that out. The memory is especially horrifying as we're sitting here typing this in our wonderfully mid- to high-rise, straight-leg vintage Levi's. But as we all know, fashion is cyclical. What's on-trend now can be off in a single season. Give it six months, and who knows, perhaps low-rise denim will be in again. In this case, one celebrity is hoping it won't come to that. When we chatted with Girls star Allison Williams during a recent Keds shoot, talk quickly went from sneakers to fashion trends—specifically, ones she'd never wear again.

"They were so low-rise—what were we doing? Like, everyone could just see our butt all the time, right?" she asks, incredulously. "I recently tried on a pair of jeans from high school and they were so low and I was like, how did this feel comfortable? How did this feel normal? Even when I was sitting, I was so aware of the fact that I was trying to make sure my butt crack wasn't showing."

Now, high-waist is her preferred denim silhouette. Low-rise anything? Not so much. "My body can't get used to it," she continues. "Because we don't all have that Gwen Stefani, pelvic muscle situation, and it's not fair to anyone who doesn't." Hear, hear.