Hollywood's Unofficial Sneakers Just Got a Cozy Update — and They're Already Celeb-Approved

So, a Sneaker That Looks and Feels Like a Cloud Officially Exists Now

And Hilary Duff and Lucy Hale have already worn it.
By Eva Thomas
Mar 17, 2021 @ 9:00 pm
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A good sneaker may seem hard to come by, but anyone who's ever tried footwear from Allbirds knows a darn good kick does exist — and for under $100 at that. The brand's buzzy Wool Runners have practically become the unofficial sneakers of Hollywood. They're sleek, sustainable, and incredibly comfortable, but the newest version of the shoe perhaps best encompasses Allbirds' ″cloud-like'' comfort ethos

Picture stepping on a literal cloud. It'd probably feel fluffy, airy, and super soft — and that's exactly what Allbirds' Wool Runner Fluffs are all about. One look at them, and you'd think you're staring at a mini cloud because of the plush shearling exterior. Slip into them and you'd probably think you're walking on a cloud. That's how comfortable and lightweight they are. 

The latest addition to Allbirds' impressive sneaker lineup has all the same tried-and-true elements shoppers have come to know and love of the Wool Runners: a bouncy sole derived from sustainable sugarcane, a cushioned insole that's moisture-wicking and odor-resistant, and a Merino wool interior that's a treat for your feet. Feel free to wear them sans socks, too!

Hollywood's Unofficial Sneakers Just Got a Cozy Update — and They're Already Celeb-Approved
Credit: hilaryduff/Instagram

Since launching on March 1, the new Wool Runner Fluffs already have two celebs on board — Hilary Duff and Lucy Hale. Duff took to Instagram Stories a few weeks back, sharing a snap of her feet in her new Wool Runner Fluffs. The caption? "Allbirds, you complete me." Hale also wore the freshest iteration earlier this week, pairing the shoes with black leggings, a yellow sports bra, and an oversized gray shacket. But in the coming weeks, we fully expect a plethora of other well-known Allbirds fans, like Blake Lively, Courteney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jessica Alba to join the fluff fanbase.

Until then, make sure you grab a pair to experience the cloud-like comfort for yourself. They're sure to sell out soon.

Women's Wool Runner Fluffs
Credit: Courtesy

Shop now: $95; allbirds.com