By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Apr 23, 2018 @ 9:00 am
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Credit: Jacqueline Harriet

How many times have you fallen in love with a piece of jewelry only to find that, even though it may be sitting in the contemporary department of your favorite store, it’s still fine? Fine jewelry is an investment (a good one if you ask me), but boy—what a bummer if you think that ruby tennis bracelet is really just a sparkling string of enamel.

Alison Lou, New York-based fine jeweler, has built a business on creating fun, collectible pieces of fine jewelry. On the more extravagant end of the spectrum, you can buy yourself a penne pasta-shaped gold ring, or an all diamond emoji necklace. On the more affordable end, you can purchase one of her 14K yellow gold studs in fun shapes like stars ($350), letters ($280), or pills ($195).

Credit: Jacqueline Harriet

And today, the brand is expanding its range even more, with a 12-piece collection of colorful lucite and enamel hoops in three sizes (small, medium, and large), which, praise the jewelry pricing Goddesses, start at $125.

Lucite is an acrylic resin that can be made in many different colors or shapes and became popular in the '40s and '50s. In addition to the jewelry being easy to wear (it's exceptionally lightweight), it's also affordable without looking, well, for lack of a better word, cheap.

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“LOUCITE is a natural extension of Alison Lou,” designer Alison Chemla tells “It showcases the playfulness at the core of my brand and has allowed me to explore new forms of creative expression. While fine jewelry will always remain my first love, being able to take enamel, something that is ever present in my fine jewelry, and apply it to Lucite was just so fun.”

Credit: Jacqueline Harriet

“We wanted to create an affordable, accessible collection, using unique materials," she continues. "[We] were very thoughtful when it came to the colors and sizing of our hoops—the smallest are great for every day, the medium for day-to-night, and the largest are perfect for a fun night out. We’ve truly created the perfect earring just in time for the warmer months.”

Credit: Jacqueline Harriet

And who better to model the newest range than actress Emily Ratajkowski? Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet and styled by Danielle Nachmani, Ratajkowski epitomizes what we’ve come to love so much about Lou’s brand in the photos: a little bit of glamour, a little bit of sexy, and a lot of fun.