After NYFW, Alexandra Daddario Is Taking a Super Smart Tip From Her 'White' 'Lotus' Character

InStyle caught up with the actress after the Coach show, where she spoke about her outfit from the event, shopping the runway, and her favorite scenes to film for the hit HBO series.

Alexandra Daddario
Photo: Courtesy of Coach/BFA

Coach has always been pretty iconic (and TBH, our love only grows with each new Jennifer Lopez campaign), but its spring '22 show will no doubt go down in fashion history. With New York City as an overall theme, the event, which took place on a pier, was filled with fun elements such as 'Coach TV' video sketches, skateboarders, and '90s-inspired designs, including baggy shorts or oversized graphic tees. The front row crowd, which included everyone from TikTok stars to the casts of our current favorite shows, was a major highlight, too.

Alexandra Daddario was among the faces we were most excited to see decked out in Coach, especially since HBO's White Lotus is all we've talked about for weeks. However, we didn't just admire her plaid dress from afar — InStyle actually got the chance to chat with the actress via email afterwards, where she shared what it was like to get ready for the show, her fall fashion picks, and the good idea she's stealing from her character.

Did you have a busy Fashion Week and were you excited for the Coach show?

I was so excited for the Coach show! It's my first show since things began to reopen, and it is a wonderful thing to celebrate New York City and everything it has to offer.

Was Coach as major to you during your teen years as it was for us? Do you remember your first Coach bag?

Coach was huge in my life as a teenager. My mom loved Coach bags and I remember her buying me a black purse. I wore it absolutely everywhere. I wore it until I destroyed it.

What is the getting ready process like for an event like this?

Getting ready for this was so much fun. It normally would be business-as-usual, which is still fun, but there's an added appreciation knowing how special it is to travel, stay in a hotel, get your makeup done, be around people, chat, and put on a new and beautiful dress. I try to get a good night's sleep and then run all my errands around NYC before letting my makeup and hair artists play around with something fun. Getting dressed up is fun and I appreciate that more than ever after the year of 'why bother getting out of pajamas?'

Alexandra Daddario
Courtesy of Coach/BFA

Can you tell us about your look?

I loved this dress — I love the tie in the front. It was fun to play with and I love the extra detail. The beading at the bottom of the dress and the tie gave it a great shape — besides being beautiful and seamless with the rest of the dress, it kept its shape when it got windy by the water, where the show was. I felt gorgeous in it.

"It's fun to have a new sense of style, and I've never been more willing to let go of the past than now."

Have you ever worn looks straight off the runway? Are you personally keeping your eye out for things you love now that events are really ramping back up?

I keep an eye out for things I love, and am doing a complete overhaul of my closet. It's fun to have a new sense of style, and I've never been more willing to let go of the past than now. I think we hold onto clothes for emotional reasons sometimes. I get so excited when I see something new and cool on the runway. I'm always putting outfits together in my head now and thinking about where they will belong in my new closet.

We're looking at spring '22 collections now, but what are some fall trends you're personally excited for?

I love the fun and creativity designers are bringing. Clothes are a celebration of ourselves, of going out, of our own adventurous spirits. It has never been a better time for that.

Could you describe and 'put together' the perfect fall outfit?

For fall, a great, great coat is at the top of my list. I loved the poncho coats in the show. Boots, maybe something bright. Great jeans and my partner's shirt — I swear he will have no T-shirts soon, they keep getting moved over to my side of the closet. Great underwear and a great bra. I feel like they always make you feel good, even if no one can see them.

Alexandra Daddario
Courtesy of Coach/BFA

White Lotus is obviously the hot show of the moment, especially as people catch on and binge it. What has the reaction been like for you?

I'm so grateful to be part of a show where the story we wanted to tell spoke to so many people. I'm also so glad we were able to make people laugh and think at the same time. I love what I do and it feels wonderful to know I could be part of telling a story that speaks to people and that was made with intention. Grateful for Mike White!

Did you have a favorite scene to shoot from White Lotus? What was it and why?

I loved working with Jake Lacy, most of my scenes were with him. Everything on the boat with Jennifer Coolidge was an absolute joy. She is a miracle to watch do her thing.

People love impersonating characters from White Lotus on TikTok. Are you on TikTok and have you seen them?

I've seen some people dressed up as characters, but I haven't been on TikTok in a little while — but I love TikTok. Mostly I had to take a break because it kept telling me to go outside and that I'd been on it for too long, so I felt I had to make a life adjustment concerning my TikTok usage. I love that people are having fun with the show. It makes me so happy to see people having fun. Cheesy, but true.

What's next for you?

I'm on a plane with my partner [film producer Andrew Form]. We are going to a beach where, like Shane and Rachel [from White Lotus]. We are going to lay by a pool and stuff ourselves at the breakfast buffet, only with a lot more love, better sex, and excellent communication.

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