By Jennifer Ferrise
Mar 19, 2018 @ 9:00 am
Courtesy of Superga

Alexa Chung is the undisputed queen of effortless style, but there’s one cool-girl wardrobe staple that she’s never really put her spin on—until now.

Chung launched a brand-new sneaker collection, Superga x ALEXACHUNG, injecting the minimalist Italian shoe brand with a bit of her signature British charm.

“I’ve never been much of a sneaker girl, but that’s exactly why I wanted to do this collaboration with Superga,” she told InStyle ahead of the launch. “Superga sneakers were really the only ones that I’ve gravitated towards because I’m a big fan of classic things and they stand the test of time. My mom used to wear the trainers when I was growing up, so it was really exciting for me to come up with a way to reinterpret them.”

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Courtesy of Superga

While keeping Superga’s most beloved styles (the 2750, the mid cut, and the mule) in mind, Chung played around with of-the-moment textures and patterns to make the shapes feel fresh.

“We stayed true to the origins but refabricated everything to be really playful for spring,” said Chung, who chose finishes like satin, varnish, cotton, and terry towel for the seven-piece collection.

Colors range from rich purple and sky blue to soft green, but Chung says her favorite style leans more timeless. “I love the mid-top, off white ones because they’re my dream trainers,” she said. “Sometimes the hardest thing to do in design is to show restraint and confidence in the more muted things, but I love them because they’re minimal.”

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Courtesy of Superga

Finding something to wear with her newly-designed kicks is easy, said Chung. “Even though it’s slightly predictable of me, I still like to juxtapose two unexpected things in an outfit. I’ll be wearing mine with an evening dress.”

As only Alexa Chung could.

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Courtesy of Superga

Click here to shop the entire Superga x ALEXACHUNG collection.