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Alexa Chung AG
Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Alexa Chung—you know her for her street-style prowess (and if you don't, then the crowd of photogs fighting to take her photo during fashion month should tip you off), not to mention for being enviably photogenic and leggy (we mean, she is a model), and for her countless fashion collabs. But you probably best know her for her way with denim—she's partnered with Madewell and AG (remember that button-front mini that fueled the '70s trend and spawned knock-offs?), permanently cementing her status as denim goddess.

Recently she and AG teamed up to host a holiday dinner to raise money for HeForShe, Emma Watson's UN global initiative to promote gender equality (for the next two weeks, AG will match up to $50,000 of donations made to HeForShe). Naturally, we wanted to ask her about denim—specifically, the trends she's currently into.

"I'm drawn back again to skinny jeans," Chung told us, after naming vintage jeans with let-down hems. "For a second, I felt like they were out of the picture, but when winter rolls around and you've got a big jumper on, all you want is a lean silhouette down there. I'd say, you can't go wrong with black AG skinny jeans ($178; bloomingdales.com). I think skinny jeans will always be a perennial classic."

And when asked if she ever DIYs denim, she said no (and why should she when she can make them professionally?)—but "when I was a teenager, I used to buy old corduroy pants and make them into flares by adding fabric to the sides," she cringed. "It looked really bad."

Chung didn't wear jeans to the dinner, opting instead for a metallic gold number by Harley Viera-Newton's line HVN, which brought us to her top advice for holiday dressing. "It’s difficult in winter months to feel jazzy because there’s not much you can do when you feel like a turnip," she laughs. "Wearing Lurex or anything shiny or metallic is a surefire way of feeling more festive."