Alex Morgan's Stylist Shares Her Tips For Dressing Athletic Body Types

"There are a lot of different things that we need to take into consideration," Jasmine Caccamo tells InStyle.

Alex Morgan Style
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First and foremost, Alex Morgan is a badass, trophy- and award-winning soccer star, but as fashion lovers, we must point out that this girl has serious style. From the sleeveless orange Pinko suit she wore ahead of Jimmy Kimmel Live to the leggy mini-dress she had on for the ESPYs, her outfits are always on-point thanks to her stylist, Jasmine Caccamo.

Caccamo has worked with Morgan for nearly five years, since before the World Cup in 2015. In that time, she's helped turn the star into a full fashion icon, and now, she's sharing some secrets with InStyle for nailing Morgan's powerful look and dressing athletic body types.

1. She’s Open to Switching Things Up

Alex Morgan Style

“When we first started working together, Alex was very much into a very classic and clean look,” Caccamo tells us via phone. “Over the course over the last few years, we’ve kind of thought outside the box a bit. We've taken a few chances with things that she's worn — like for the Time 100 Gala, we put her in that red suit. I think that she's open to taking more chances and diversifying her look at this point, as we grow, and she gets older, and styles evolve.”

2. ...But Still Plays Favorites

Alex Morgan Style
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“[Alex] knows what she likes, which is super helpful, and she knows what looks good on her body, so that makes my job easier,” says Caccamo. “Obviously, having worked with her for so long, I know what works and what doesn't work, so, when I'm pulling for her, I take into consideration what we're dressing her for and then we just go from there.”

3. She Loves a Good Suit

Alex Morgan Outfit
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“We're mixing in a lot of color — obviously with the orange suit and the red one from the Time 100 Gala — so, it's been fun. [For the Time 100 Gala] we wanted something, going into the World Cup, that was just super powerful and badass, yet still feminine. I think it just kind of portrayed how badass she is on the field, but she also takes her confidence off the field in what she wears and in her everyday life.”

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4. She Isn’t Afraid of Color

Alex Morgan Style
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As previously mentioned, Morgan isn't one to shy away from vibrant hues, and Caccamo has tips for those hoping to incorporate more color into their own wardrobes.

“Anybody who’s more afraid or timid in terms of dressing in color can incorporate it in so many different ways,” she advises. “Colorblocking is still in. Bright pops of colors are trending, but there's a way to mix it in a more toned-down way. You can infuse color in a handbag, or in a shoe, if you don't necessarily want to wear it in a piece of clothing.”

5. It’s All About the Fit

Alex Morgan Style
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“It’s very different dressing someone with a more athletic shape compared to a model that's a size zero and has the same proportions from head to toe,” Caccamo reveals. “There are a lot of different things that we need to take into consideration, especially with alterations — bigger shoulders, smaller waist, bigger thighs or calves. Those are all things that come into play when I pull for Alex and when we dress her, or when we're putting things together.“

6. The Key Is Showing Off Your Best Features

Alex Morgan Style
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Those with more athletic bodies may want to highlight certain features, much like how Caccamo dresses Morgan in designs that show off her toned arms and legs.

“It's just a matter of trying on clothes and always purchasing pieces that are cut from the same sort of pattern," the stylist says "For example, an athlete with bigger and broader shoulders should stay away from cap-sleeves — that sort of thing — because it doesn't necessarily flatter the shoulder area or the décolletage as much as a halter top would, or a spaghetti strap and a plunging neckline.”

7. She’s a Fan of High-Low Dressing

Alex Morgan Style
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“I think it’s important to have some level of accessibility,” Caccamo tells us, adding that Alex's wardrobe includes items that are attainable along with investment pieces. “She might carry a great Givenchy handbag, but shoes she wore for Jimmy Kimmel were JustFab. They’re really cool, and you would think that they're very expensive — they're very detailed and different — but I like the fact that her fans could go out and buy then.”

8. She's Into Little Extras

Alex Morgan Style
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Many of Morgan's looks include accessories, and Caccamo shared a few specific trends she, herself, has been digging as of late.

“I'm obsessed with Jennifer Fisher's variety of hoops that she's got going on right now. And infinity rings — I love putting them on every single finger. I'm also a huge fan of layering four or five personal, dainty style necklaces. Sydney Evan makes such fine little jewelry and smaller pieces that are great for layering. You can layer shorter choker pieces, and then throw on some longer necklaces, just depending upon your neckline. It adds a little bit of that zhuzh that your outfit needs.”

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