Adidas' New Underwear and Basics Line Is Designed to Keep You Cool All Summer

An exclusive look at the summer-ready launch.

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Adidas Originals New underwear and basics line is designed to keep you cool through summer
Photo: Courtesy of Adidas

When the season changes and the weather warms up, one of the first things I do is transition my wardrobe. I pull out the boxes from under my bed and replace the heavy warm knits, layers, and coats with breathable fabrics, airy silhouettes, and brighter colors. My underwear drawer, however, does not typically experience this refresh. It remains stagnant throughout the year, the same staples day in and day out, but that changes this summer with the launch of Adidas Originals' new underwear and basics line.

Adidas kindly sent me an array of underwear, bralettes, and other loungewear/intimates a few weeks ago. Once I tried the first piece, an underwire bralette, it was like breaking a seal. I just couldn't stop wearing these pieces after that, and I'll tell you why: The sustainably made tencel material is light as air and so soft and comfortable. Wearing the high leg briefs felt like being gently hugged by a cloud.

But the insane comfort is simply the tip of the iceberg. The clothes are sustainably created with tencel and recycled, dye free yarn, upcycled cotton, and other natural fibers. Adidas has also brought its performance-wear know-how to their intimates; the materials are all antibacterial, anti-odor, breathable, and have moisture protection. Those features are literally everything you could ask for in a garment worn during hot, sweaty, active summer days.

This initial launch includes bralettes and underwear, although bodysuits and other intimates are on the horizon. With how comfortable, lightweight, and breathable everything is, any product will serve you well, but my personal recommendation is the Nordstrom-exclusive Stan Smith print bralette and matching high-leg undies.

You can shop this initial drop right now at Nordstrom and on Adidas in the near future. The line drops with the below pieces but you can expect to see more products throughout the summer.

Adidas Originals Scoop-Neck Stripe Bralette

Scoop Neck Stripe Bralette ADIDAS ORIGINALS

Shop now: $32;

Adidas Originals Stripe High-Leg Briefs

Scoop Neck Stripe Bralette ADIDAS ORIGINALS

Shop now: $20;

Adidas Originals Longline Underwire Bralette

Originals Longline Underwire Bralette ADIDAS ORIGINALS

Shop now: $42;

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