And, yes, he helped design them.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Dec 10, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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As the holidays inch their way closer, we're starting to get a little worried. What the heck are we getting for our loved ones?! What about all the men on our list — the dads, the brothers, the grandpas, significant others, and friends — who happen to be picky when it comes to what they like?

Well, Adam Scott (yes, the actor) has the answer. Four, to be exact.

Scott recently collaborated with Clare V. on a capsule collection called Devient Rad, a name that, according to a press release, is a "a tongue-in-cheek French translation of Adam's production company, Gettin' Rad." All four pieces are closet essentials, but they have a little flair: a color-blocked pullover, a fun graphic tee, a canvas bag with a throwback vibe, and a not-so-basic striped wallet.

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"Adam and I are friends and I've always loved his sense of style," designer Clare Vivier told InStyle via email. "He seems to meld perfectly with the Clare V. sensibility."

Scott feels the same way, and added that he's always been a fan of the brand.

"Whenever [Clare] released something unisex or for men, I snatched it up immediately — she and Mike D. collaborated on some stuff a few years ago and it was terrific," he said. "I secretly hoped one day she’d ask me to do this, and I can’t believe she actually did. It was so fun."

According to this dream duo, the design process took into account wearability, practicality, and a few specific references on Scott's part.

"I’d been looking for the perfect computer bag for a few years and frustratingly couldn’t land on one," he told us. "They were always either too small, too giant, not enough pockets, too fancy looking, or just generally lame. I imagined a roomy bag with puffy pockets — something Andrew McCarthy would carry his stuff around in in St. Elmo's Fire or something — and Clare and Greta [Heichemer, the director of design and merchandising], got it immediately. They found a really cool old canvas Land’s End bag from the '80s and we used that as a jumping off point. For the sweatshirt, I wanted something slightly oversize and cozy, but sporty — James Spader strolling into the yacht club, y’know?"

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As for that graphic T-shirt, Vivier told us it was a true team effort.

"Since Adam is so into music, he wanted the T-shirt to feel like an old band T-shirt. So, we created a font that gave the T-shirt that feel."

Of course, Vivier pointed out that that women, too, can enjoy these pieces, not just men. Good news, since we've already added that pullover to our cart.

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It's worth mentioning that there's an added bonus that comes with shopping Clare V x Adam Scott: 10 percent of all proceeds will be donated to the ALS Association: Golden West Chapter.

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This collection ranges from $99 to $295 and is availble to shop now on