The slippers have nearly 3,000 perfect reviews at Nordstrom.

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Celebs loving these ugg slippers for quarantine
Credit: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon

Celebrities in quarantine… they’re just like us. They wear sweats like it's their job, are combatting stressed-out skin, and seem to be walking their dogs as often as we are. (How can you blame them when it’s one of the few socially distanced activities that gets you out of the house?) Another thing they’ve got in common with us lay-people? Replacing real shoes with slippers. And there seems to be one type that’s getting a lot of love from Hollywood.

In just this past month, Reese Witherspoon, Cara Delevingne, and Kate Hudson have each been spotted wearing Ugg Coquette slippers. Now, we love each of them equally, but with their different and unique styles, who would’ve guessed that this trio would have a common closet item? Apparently comfort transcends fashion, especially when most of life is now spent indoors.

We think the slippers’ powers go beyond being cozy, though. When Witherspoon wore them, for example, she managed to match her pajama top and bottoms. Don’t call it detective work, but we’re pretty sure that without those puppies on her feet, she wouldn’t have the energy to do such a thing. I mean, just look at her glowing Instagram post. Sure, she’s got coffee in hand, but the Uggs are front and center, and it’s gotta be with good reason.

They look as good outside of the house, too. Delevingne and Hudson were each photographed wearing their slippers while venturing outdoors. So beloved are the shoes that Hudson picked them to wear as part of her birthday outfit (which also included a glass of champagne as an accessory… respect). Delevingne took a more casual approach, and we love her for it. Pairing the slippers with what looks like boxers and/or swimsuit trunks, the actress and model showed that, when it comes to Uggs, there is really no outfit you can’t pair them with.

Shoppers seem to agree. The clog-like furry slippers are basically a best-seller anywhere you look — at Nordstrom they’ve got nearly 3,000 perfect ratings and at Zappos, nearly 4,500 reviews have resulted in a solid four-star mark.

This just leaves us wondering whether the three will form an Ugg club and meet up when social distancing ends. Maybe they’ll invite the celebrity Ugg Fluff Yeah club, which includes Selena Gomez and the Hadid sisters. Now that’d be a party. Below, shop the celeb-loved, unofficial quarantine shoe of 2020, the Ugg Coquette.

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