Rent the Runway's New App Service Makes Getting Dressed for Events a Cinch

Rent the Runway is the perfect go-to when you want to look your best but don't to plunk down major cash on a dress you'll only wear once. For years, the site has been renting out the contemporary fashion that can be worn and returned at your leisure, and it also offers accessories.

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Now, the site is going to make your life 10 times easier with a new app initiative. Ready for this? RTR has launched a same-day delivery service for all orders placed before 12 p.m. Packages will be in your hand before 5 p.m. You even get live mobile updates, and can adjust the rental delivery window. Then, after your smokin' lewk arrives, you can keep it for four to eight days.

So now, when you have that last-minute dinner with clients, a surprise date night, or a gala that slipped your mind, RTR will support your needs for the fraction of what it costs to buy a dress. This service is only available in New York for now, but who knows what the future holds?

As CEO and Founder Jennifer Hyman explains: "With the launch of Same-Day Delivery we are one step closer to our vision of a closet-less future. Consumers are accustomed to on-demand services like Seamless, Uber, and Netflix. By giving them the ability to get last-minute looks on demand, we are bringing the modern woman's closet into the twenty-first century.”

The same-day service is new, but the reasons we've always loved RTR still hold up. Rentals start at as little as $30, and include a free backup size. Download the Rent the Runway app today!

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