You'll Be Surprised by Karlie Kloss's 2017 New Year's Resolution

Karlie Kloss
Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage

There are expected New Year’s Resolutions (vowing to floss every day, making plans to work out on a regular basis, attempting to wear any other color outside of black or gray), and then there are the unexpected. Karlie Kloss’s 2017 goals fall in the latter camp: "I want to put out more vlogs—I want to be more consistent with posting," she resolutely tells us over the phone.

Though on second thought, perhaps it's not that much of a surprise. The supermodel recently partnered with Samsung to educate herself on technological advancements (she's also made it her goal to inspire women to code through Kode with Klossy), to learn how to create content in a new, more interactive way. In doing so, she was able to test-drive the brand's new Samsung Gear 360, a hi-res camera that films videos from all angles. Why is this important? Kloss feels it will affect how we create and consume content in the future—and she wants to be at the forefront of this movement.

"It's a whole new experience, both as a creator and for my followers, to create content and share it in a really dynamic way," she explains. "I was really blown away working on my first vlog and realizing how powerful it is—it's so small, but so powerful. It will totally change the way that we communicate and the way we share, because it's especially engaging on social media. I think it's going to be a major, major breakthrough."

With her arms as her selfie stick ("I know, my arms are just really, ridiculously long," she laughs), she filmed a week in her life, which ranged from fielding paparazzi to jet-setting around the world, using the most important tip she learned from vlogger Casey Neistat: to make sure there's activity happening all around you, so that there's content for the viewer to consume in every direction.

And already, she can see how the 360 multi-faceted approach can affect the fashion world. "Maybe campaigns will be shot in 360 or a virtual reality from the runway," Kloss suggests. "Fashion tends to be on the cutting edge of new technologies, and a lot of designers always want to be a part of it. This just feels like unchartered territory, and it's so exciting to both capture experiences in this way and to watch them, because you truly feel like you're there."

Experience Karlie Kloss's 360 vlogs—and don't forget to use your cursor to scroll in every direction to take in every angle.

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