By Christina Shanahan
Updated Apr 26, 2016 @ 10:30 am
Credit: Courtesy

You are definitely going to want to make sure you take these earbuds out of your pocket before you toss your gym clothes in the wash. Happy Plugs, the Swedish company known for brightly colored, minimalist-designed headphones, Bluetooth speakers and smartphone cases, just debuted 18kt solid gold and 18kt solid rose gold earbuds with a price tag of $14,500 each. So what exactly makes these seemingly very simple 'buds worth the price of a smart car?

To start, they are made by hand in Sweden by a goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm. The process is so intricate that it takes five weeks to craft one pair, start to finish. Furthermore, the goldsmith uses 25 grams of solid gold for each pair, so the final product is quite heavy, like a large piece of solid gold jewelry. If you don't have $14,500 to shell out for your earbuds, don't worry. The company makes a similar-looking version in faux rose gold for only $30.

Credit: Courtesy