Google's New Duo App Makes Video Chatting Easier Than Ever

Google Chat - LEAD
Photo: Courtesy of Google

If you've been dying to FaceTime your Android-using friends, but have to resort to phone dates or Skype sessions to connect, then Google's new Duo app is about to change your keeping-in-touch game. Available today, Aug. 16, on both Android and iOS, Duo is an easy-to-use video calling app that lets you chat face-to-face with anyone in your contacts, regardless of what type of phone or what service they have.

The simple interface lets you launch a video call in seconds, without having to enter a username or go through a lengthy login process each time you connect. The apps runs in the background of your phone, so you'll be alerted to incoming Duo calls even if you don't have the app open. The best part is the clever and first-of-its kind Knock Knock feature, which gives you a live preview of your caller before you pick up the incoming call (don't worry, it only works one way, so they won't be able to see what you're doing). That means you'll be able to make a more informed decision about whether to take the call—like if you see your BFF flashing a shiny new engagement ring or your brother holding his new baby.

Download Duo for free in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Excuse us while we dial up all of our long-distance pals.

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