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With the dawn of social media and smartphones, printed photos have taken a back seat to digital uploads. Once again, tangible photos are back in style, and you don’t have to wait in long photo-center lines to get them, thanks to a handful of instant smartphone printers. Prynt is our pick for the best.

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Each Prynt connects directly to your smartphone via the charging port (there are interchangeable adapters for a variety of phones) so as long as it’s charged, you don’t have to worry about wires. With the stylish printer attached, you can take new photos or simply choose from your photo library. When you take a new picture, the app will record a short video—a few seconds before and after the shot—linked to the image that can be viewed via the Prynt app. The closest competitor, the Lifeprint Photo Printer ($130, also lets you print photos and videos, using its Augmented Reality Hyperphoto app, but the device isn’t entirely intuitive and the app crashed multiple times during use. The Prynt app comes fully stocked with editing features for basic image correction like red eye and cropping, as well as fun tools like filters, frames, and text to make your photos, which print on inkless sticker paper, really pop.

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Wins for: Appearance, Features, and Versatility

Noteworthy Features:

  • No wifi or Bluetooth required
  • Picture-editing tools
  • Interchangeable adapter system
  • Internal battery for easy charging

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