This might be the smartest accessory investment you make.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Oct 01, 2019 @ 9:30 am
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Credit: FOCKAN©/Getty Images

I often put just as much thought into my cell-phone case as the handbag I'm going to carry. So I love discovering new cell-phone cases, from the ones that have perfect selfie lighting to the cases designed by high-end designers. But out of all of the styles I've tried, I still believe the cutest ones are personalized cell-phone cases.

Celebs are into personalized cell-phone cases too. You can see them carrying the trendy covers in their street-style photos or catch the accessory making a cameo in their selfie pictures.

Over the weekend, Gigi Hadid was spotted capturing some front-row footage at the Each x Other fashion show with a neon case featuring her name in bold white letters.

Kylie Jenner has snapped videos of herself all summer long with her iPhone, which is dressed in a reflective mirror case with Stormi's name stamped across the back. I've gathered that option, as well as three other popular styles, below.

Kylie Jenner Mirror iPhone Case


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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Chaos Puffa iPhone Case


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Katherine Schwarzenegger's Baublebar x Off My Case iPhone Case


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Gigi Hadid's Casetify Neon Sand Liquid iPhone Case

Credit: FOCKAN©/Getty Images

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