Outdoor Patio Speaker
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We’re not going to tell you that the Kreafunk aGlow is on the same audio level as our winners from Sonos and B&O. Nor is the category of illuminated speakers a vast one, unless you're looking for one that pumps up the party with rainbow LEDs.

But this lovely Danish import with a built-in dimmable LED lamp delivers its own brand of magic. It’s pretty, chic, and loud enough to power a backyard dinner party, which is exactly where we want to be every time we look at it.

BUY: Kreafunk aGlow, $108;

While it's not a bass-tastic powerhouse, aGlow light is a truly delightful summer companion. It's lightweight enough to transport from kitchen to patio to poolside, and the lamp throws off a soft, sexy white light. You really can't do better for a wedding or engagement present, and if the aGlow gets your friends outdoors on more summer nights, it’s done its job. While the aGlow isn't made for dropping into the pool, it's splash resistant. More wine please!

The downside? Other than headphones, Kreafunk products aren't widely available in the U.S. Currently, you have to order from a European site, which adds a considerable shipping charge (ours was $47). On the other hand, what's chicer than something you had to order from Denmark—or better still, traveled there to buy?

Wins for: Appearance, Sound, Wow Factor

Noteworthy features:

  • Dimmable LED lamp
  • Built-in microphone
  • Up to 20 hours music play and night light
  • Water resistant for poolside play

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