By Katie Sturino
Updated Dec 12, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
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 Winter Hats 
Credit: Courtesy; Getty

You know the skin-tight beanie? It's never been my hat truth. Some women can pull it off, but teeny, tiny hats have always made me feel like a human pin-head.

When it comes to winter accessories, I'm a lover of big hats. Give me some volume, a giant furry pom pom, a well-executed adult animal ear (it's a thing, I promise)—anything as long as it makes a statement and gives my naturally small head a little oomph!

If you too are a fan of big hats, or are just looking to swap out your beanie for something fresh and new, this season is chock full of large-and-in-charge options. Keep reading for my favorites.

A rainbow pom pom (and a little caffeine) will turn even the gloomiest day around! This navy version by J.Crew works with just about anything.

For those days when one giant pom pom isn't enough, go for three! The neutral color palette on this cute topper by UGG keeps it cool, not crazy.

I'm always jealous of kids walking around in animal ears. Kate Spade's owl hat is a chic way for us adults to get in on the fun. Or to take it up a notch, check out this adorable teddy bear hat by House of Fluff!

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Tory Sport's classic knit hat gets that wintery Nordic vibe just right, and I'm not mad about the pom pom either.

Chinti & Parker

Chinti & Parker really gets my star obsession. I love everything about this hat, it's truly out of this world!

While not technically a hat, big furry earmuffs get the job done while eliminating dreaded hat hair. This pair by UGG is big and fuzzy, just the way I like 'em.