Scarlett Johansson Says She Never Leaves Home Without Wearing a Piece of Jewelry From Her Husband, Colin Jost

The actress, who stars in David Yurman's new campaign, tells us all about the sentimental ties she has to certain accessories, and which piece of jewelry she's passing down to her daughter.

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Out of all the things that we wear, jewelry is perhaps the most meaningful. Yes, a pair of earrings or a necklace can add a little something extra to our outfits, but oftentimes those pieces are somewhat sentimental, too, transcending trends of the moment and tied to specific memories. At least, that's how it is for David Yurman's newest campaign star, Scarlett Johansson.

"Jewelry connects me to people and places I've known," she tells InStyle via email, touching on the pieces she's gathered over the years. "It can also connect me to someone else's past. I've been collecting Victorian jewelry since I was a teenager. I love to think about the history of the pieces that I feel attracted to — who they were given to and under what context. I love to look for jewelry with hidden messages; so many Victorian pieces are full of symbols and hidden meaning."

Of course, Johansson's own history is pretty interesting as well — and we're not just talking about her successful acting career, which has led her roles like Black Widow and Nicole Barber of Marriage Story. The actress actually grew up in New York City, and has fond memories of playing in the West Village with her friends and riding her bike on the West Side Highway. It's part of what made her the perfect fit as a David Yurman ambassador, since the city is where the brand's headquarters are located and it's featured as the backdrop of the "Come Closer" campaign.

"Growing up in New York, I always felt connected to the Yurman brand," Johansson says. "I would see their beautiful black-and-white ads in my favorite fashion magazines. When I was in my early 20s, I hoped that one day I would have the opportunity to represent the brand. It felt like if you were in a Yurman campaign, you'd really made it. Working on a project with a brand so rooted in New York's history, shot at some of my favorite locations in the city, was a very special experience. I hope people feel the love that I have for New York."

David Yurman

Although many may think Johansson is confessing her love for just Manhattan, her feelings for NYC extend to other boroughs, like Staten Island, where her husband Colin Jost is from.

"I used to go with my grandma to the Staten Island Zoo and we would ride the ferry there," she says, revealing her connection to the island predates her relationship with Jost, whom she married in 2020. "The ferry used to be 50 cents, but now it's free! It's probably the only mode of transportation that's gotten cheaper!"

Johansson's campaign co-star, Henry Golding, also has some fond memories of New York. He tells InStyle that, for him, his first experience in the city at the age of 17 "opened my eyes and left a massive impression on me. The energy of the city was much like I had seen it depicted in the movies, but it was the fervor and tenacity of New Yorkers that drew me in and has brought me back to the city again and again."

And, Golding adds, "there is nothing quite like winter or the Christmas season in New York."

David Yurman

Naturally, your eyes may be drawn to the David Yurman necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other gorgeous pieces of jewelry seen on both Johansson or Golding. And, if you're interested in accessory styling tips, the actress has a few.

"I wear the same basic jewelry every day and switch out pieces for evening, so I tend to be more simplistic with my look," she says. "If I'm wearing a particular statement piece, though, I like to dress in all black, so that my jewelry stands out. I've been very fortunate that my husband has bought me some very special pieces of jewelry. I always wear something he gave me whenever I go out."

Her favorite piece of jewelry, Johansson shares, is a pair of emerald earrings that originally belonged to her mom. The actress looks at those studs as doubly special: They're a representation of her mom's favorite color, green, and an heirloom to pass on to future generations.

"Someday I will give those to my daughter, Rose," she says.

Watch Johansson and Golding star in two short films for David Yurman's Come Closer campaign, below, before shopping the exact pieces on

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