It's Impossible to Look at These Photos and Not Want an Oversized Rainbow Scarf

We never knew bundling up could look so cute.

Rainbow Scarf Trend
Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Some days, the thought of going outside makes us groan. With snow and ice on the ground and wind so harsh it actually hurts our face, the thought of bundling up — in a pair of fleece-lined pants, the warmest puffer coat we can find, and a sturdy pair of boots — just seems like a full, exhausting process.

However, there is one plus side to piling on all the warm things before getting on with our day: Oversized rainbow scarves, aka the one winter accessory that has been popping up everywhere this season (even at a time when the top fashion trends are sweats and butt crack leggings). On top of practical and helpful when it comes to blocking the cold, this piece has the remarkable ability to transform even the most generic of outerwear, making our outdoor outfit feel like a full, fashion-forward look.

The more we spot these large, multicolored scarves — which have popped up on style icons like Bella Hadid and Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor — the more we want one for ourselves, and we have a feeling you'll feel the same. Scroll through for a bit of inspiration, and don't even try to fight the urge to shop; this one can *kind of* qualify as something you 'need.'

Pick Your Color Preference

There's more than one way to embrace the rainbow. You could go all out with vibrant shades, which will no doubt stand out against a neutral coat, or choose a more subtle pastel scheme, ensuring your scarf will easily transition into that still-cold spring weather.

Shop similar: Acne Studios Vally Oversized Plaid Scarf; $290

Bring On the Blanket

In need of a scarf that's both extra warm and extra comfy? Enter, those extra-large blanket options. Not only will they cover a decent portion of your body, essentially pulling double duty as an additional warm layer, but all those colors will help you make a statement the minute you step outside.

Shop similar: Urban Outfitters Maxwell Scarf; $20 (Originally $34)

Find One That Suits Your Aesthetic

As with any trend, you'll want to find a design that will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe and suit you specific sense of style. Perhaps that means trying a multicolored checkered piece instead, which is both classic and eye-catching at the same time.

Shop similar: Verloop Checkerboard Scarf; $70

Go with a Subtle Option

Perhaps you enjoy the versatility of something simple, but at the same time, desire a bit of color to liven things up. Strike a balance with a scarf that is mostly neutral but includes a little pop, whether it's with a handful of stripes or a single, bold block.

Shop similar: Halogen Stripe Cashmere Scarf; $100 (Originally $225)

Try a Print

Swirls, squiggles, full-on graphics — these details will add a unique touch and stand out among the more typical geometric shapes.

Shop similar: Paul Smith Rainbow-Stripe Fringe Scarf; $260

Coordinate With the Rest of Your Outerwear

Get creative and pull together your outdoor look just like you would an everyday outfit. Invest in an actual set that comes with a hat and/or gloves, or simply find pieces the same color family and pair it all together. Then, while you're at it, you can match your mask to your look, too.

Shop similar: ASOS DESIGN 90s Checked Scarf with Tassels in Lilac; $26

Allow Your Scarf to Steal the Spotlight

We always enjoy mixing prints, but if your go-to coat is solid, neutral, and kind of....meh, don't fret. Even if the rest of your outfit super simple and toned down, a rainbow scarf will add that much-needed boost while bringing a little joy.

Shop similar: NA-KD Multi Toned Striped Scarf; $24

Give Your Outfit a Boost

Even when you're indoors, a rainbow scarf can come in handy. Just like a belt or a headband, it's a way to add that something extra your outfit might be missing — and, yes, extra-bulky options double as blankets while chilling on the couch, too.

Shop similar: LOEWE Striped Mohair and Wool Scarf; $235

Stick with a Scheme

Coordinate your coat with your outfit underneath, then throw that colorful scarf into the mix to add some extra oomph and tie everything together. It'll come across sleek and intentional, and also make for a few super cute photos.

Shop similar: Kurt Geiger London Rainbow Scarf; $55

Style It with Your Loungewear

Yes, even your current wardrobe essentials will look great with a rainbow scarf — especially if you take the plunge and commit to matchy-matchy. Popular brands such as Olivia Rubin sell sets and scarves that seamlessly pair together, so the next time you're purchasing a pair of tie-dye sweats, considering adding a similarly colored scarf to your cart, creating a relaxed yet cool ensemble.

Shop similar: Olivia Rubin Pam Dégradé Knitted Scarf; $94

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