By Alexis Bennett
Updated Dec 28, 2018 @ 4:45 pm
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You know that feeling you get when you finally find the perfect handbag or pair of shoes to go with that outfit you've been saving? The right belt can make just as much of an impact. Often this functional accessory is overlooked, but a well-thought-out belt can do wonders for even the simplest of outfits.

Wrapping a Gucci belt through the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans, for instance, is an instant game-changer. But it doesn't have be a flashy designer brand: A leather belt with a simple gold buckle can also do wonders, adding a polished touch. Or you could follow Iskra Lawrence's lead with a bright, wide waist-belt — perfect for jazzing up a dress.

Below, our favorite plus-size belts that are sure to bring any outfit to life.

Plus-Size Belts on Amazon

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Don't sleep on Amazon. The website has a ton of fashion deals hidden throughout. This belt grabbed our eye thanks to its textured, luxe-looking finish.

Plus-Size Designer Belts

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Purchasing a designer belt online can be tricky, especially when the sizing is in centimeters (like Gucci). The largest size that the brand offers is 120 cm, which will fit a 44-inch waist or someone who wears a size 22.

Plus-Size Corset Belts

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This waist-cinching design will add a sexy twist to any outfit. You'll love the way it can transform your average LBD. You can also throw it over a blazer or even a white T-shirt.

Plus-Size Wide-Waist Belt

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You can customize this wrap-arround belt to make sure you get the perfect fit. And the wide design will help accentuate your waist, no matter what you decide to wear it with.

Plus-Size Belt Bags

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Another trend to test right now is the belt bag. The tan color of this one will pair well with just about everything.

Plus-Size Belts With Bling

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One of 2019's biggest trends will be pretty belts that are loaded with charms and extra bling. This pearl-embellished one is a great place to start with subtle shine.