Opera Gloves Are the Confusing But Cute Fashion Trend That's Suddenly Everywhere

Winter's favorite accessory is actually seasonless now.

Future of Fashion: Opera Gloves Are Everywhere
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It's been done before: year-round neckscarves and slouchy beanies, boots made to be worn during the summer, etc. But it looks like gloves — specifically, opera gloves — are the latest cold-weather fashion staple to become seasonless. The extra-long accessory has definitely become an 'it' item for 2022, and celebrities like Bella Hadid, Sydney Sweeney, Julia Fox, Saweetie, and more are hopping on board, both on the red carpet and off.

Opera gloves are here for the long haul, too. While they're currently trending for spring and summer (yes, summer!), major fashion houses incorporated them into their fall collections, thus convincing us they're a worthy investment.

Of course, you may be asking yourself "How in the world do I scroll through Instagram or eat a side of fries?" That answer remains unknown, but it won't stop us from embracing this surprisingly versatile little extra (it could also be a new excuse to disconnect). Opera gloves can actually be worn in many different ways, whether they're paired with a voluminous evening gown or used as statement piece against basics, such as an oversized blazer.

This accessory is hands-down the hottest trend of 2022, so if you're ready to give 'em a go, here are some opera gloves outfits to try, ASAP.

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Opera Gloves Are a Must-Have for Spring

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Maisie Wilen Spring 2022. Getty Images

Gucci, Maisie Wilen, Rokh, AZ Factory, and Marc Jacobs are just a few brands that added a glamorous touch to their spring '22 collections with the help of opera gloves. Seeing them styled with sleeveless dresses and layers of bangles has us fully convinced that this accessory works for warmer weather. Plus, there are plenty of options to shop right now, including Marine Serre's printed pair, Savage X Fenty's lace jersey version, and a budget-friendly, tulle alternative from Amazon.

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The Trend Will Stick Around for Fall

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

Many of us witnessed — and immediately fell in love with! — Valentino's pretty in pink fall '22 collection, where fuchsia opera gloves were paired with bra tops, tailored suits, coats, and dresses. But the brand was far from the only one to send this accessory down the runway. Jil Sander, Halpern, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, and more were also on board, signaling that opera gloves will be everywhere during the second half of the year.

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They're a Yes for Red Carpet Fashion

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown wore black opera gloves to the EE British Academy Film Awards, while Olivia Rodrigo rocked her own pair at the 2022 Grammys. In recent months, celebrities (and their stylists) have proven to be fans of this eye-catching trend, with big names like Chloe Bailey, Saniyya Sidney, and Salma Hayek all wearing it on the red carpet.

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Music and Opera Gloves Go Hand in Hand

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

Our favorite artists have definitely embraced this fancy trend. Remember when Adele wore opera gloves for her "Oh My God" music video? Dua Lipa even took an electric pair on tour for Future Nostalgia, incorporating them into her costumes on stage.

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They're All Over Our Screens

And Just Like That Dress

Sarah Jessica Parker — or, err, Carrie Bradshaw — has taken tons of fashion risks, famously turning bold pieces into timeless outfits. For And Just Like That, costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago showed us that opera gloves are completely wearable day to day, adding them to the character's quirky-cool outfits, including a plaid dress.

Later on in the series, opera gloves were the X factor that Carrie's eveningwear was missing, but you don't need a full gown to make this trend work for formal occasions. Even a little black dress and platform pumps will get a fashion-forward twist from a solid satin pair.

Fingers crossed that the fashion icon will serve even more opera glove outfit inspiration in season 2 of the hit HBO show.

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Wear Your Opera Gloves with Everyday Outfits

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

Heading back to the office has made getting ready each morning exciting again. What better way add some playfulness to your workwear than with some opera gloves? Other ideas include styling a vibrant option with a sleeveless maxi dress or a checkered button-up, or adding them to a simple T-shirt and mini skirt. You might be surprised at how well opera gloves work with everything in your wardrobe.

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Think Monochromatic

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

Coordinating opera gloves will complete a monochromatic ensemble, while a contrasting alternative will give things a fun little pop.

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Try Colorblocking

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

If you're feeling bold and bright, consider creating a split complementary color scheme with your opera gloves, combining green with orange or yellow with purple.

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Give Regencycore a Go

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

Bridgerton fashion is all the rage and opera gloves fit in well with 2022's regencycore aesthetic. Puffy sleeves, corsets, and ruffled designs become even more whimsical when styled with this sleek, elbow-length accessory.

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Keep It Cozy

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

For those chilly spring mornings, opera gloves will be the extra layer your outfit is missing. Pair your own with a knit set and you'll have a cozy yet cute look ready to go.

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Combine Eras

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

We tend to associate opera gloves with the Victorian era, but that's not to say you can pair them with '70s fashion or Y2K looks. Mix it up and experiment with different eras. This glamorous accessory has the strange ability to turn any old outfit into something unexpected.

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Go with a Shorter Pair

Opera Gloves Fashion Trend
Getty Images

Sheer, mesh, embellished — shorter, wrist-length styles are emerging, too, so if you're not completely sold on opera gloves, start small and work your way up (literally),

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