Famed Model Maye Musk Dishes on What Her Kids Did While She Catwalked

Maye Musk - The Fashion Awards 2016 - LEAD
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Two weeks ago, model Maye Musk was in London for the Fashion Awards, in partnership with Swarovski. She wore a Zaid Affas deep gray gown and a metallic bomber that few could pull off. She was also decked out in Swarovski gems and a clutch. Musk, however, didn’t think twice about opting for something that would stand out.

“I’ve always noticed this in London,” Musk told InStyle over the phone. “[The fashion is] a little cheekier here. You’ll see more mixed textiles and colors and pattern. In New York, you pretty much see just different shades of black and blue.”

Musk was quite busy with her friends from Swarovski while in London, hopping to as many as three events a day.

“Who would think at 68 they would now want a model my age,” Musk said.

Here, we speak to the supermodel about her pageant days, her fabulous hair, and most importantly, what her kids think of her career.

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In the '60s you were quite the beauty queen. Are there any lessons from those days that have remained with you throughout your modeling career?
As a beauty queen you always have to have good posture. People notice it even now because I’ve done runway for 50 years. My dad was a chiropractor and he always wanted us to walk straight, so we do.

I also think you have to be genuinely friendly and genuinely nice. Be well-mannered. They like you to have some kind of [interest], so I like to always be up to date on the news. And then, of course, I am a dietician, too. I try to avoid that topic because then everyone wants to tell me what they had for breakfast.

You’re a rare breed of model that has unabashedly embraced ageing. Could you have imagined your career as it is now when you were younger?
I’ve always been happy getting older, that’s never been a problem. I have no problem having wrinkles. I think you learn a lot from your past, so when something really painful is happening, you know it will pass.

I personally have always had a dream of dying my hair white. I have a serious hair crush on you.
Every time I do a shoot they just say, “We love your hair because it’s just so healthy!” I don’t color it. I grew it out when I was turning 60. I was just tired of coloring my hair. And then that’s when I got my billboard in Times Square for Target and the billboard in Madison Square Garden for Verizon and the Joe Fresh campaign. This white hair was so cool.

What do you use in your hair?
Shampoo. And if I’m in a hotel for days in a row, I have to wash it every night. I use the hotel shampoo. But I do have a blue shampoo I use maybe once every two months. It just keeps a little of the blonde out. You don’t think you have blonde hair until they bring out white wigs!

You have a daughter and two sons, all very accomplished in their own right. What do they think of your career? How do they feel about their mother modeling?
People always ask when I have my three kids together, “what do you think of [your mother] modeling,” and they say, “[she] was always a model.” I was always a model all their lives. Even when I didn’t have a nanny and I had a runway show, they would sit in the front row reading books. They just accepted that it was part of my life.

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