By Alexis Bennett
Updated Aug 30, 2017 @ 5:30 pm
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Smartwatches haven't exactly been the most popular accessory on the block. I mean, who needs a high-tech timepiece when your equally-as-savvy cell phone is always in your hand? Well, Marc Jacobs is giving us a reason to rethink what we thought we knew about smartwatches. On August 30, the brand debuted the Riley Hybrid Smartwatch.

Unlike a lot of other smartwatches, this is one that we can definitely see ourselves putting to good use. Yeah, it has the standard activity-tracking functions and alerts, but this one also acts as a remote that can snap pictures and capture videos on your phone with the press of a button. So no need to try and find an Instagram husband to shoot your #OOTD.

We're also pretty impressed by the reasonable $175 price tag, and the no-charge battery is awesome because finding outlets is always a struggle. We can't forget about the most important feature: the sleek, stylish design. The Riley Hybrid Smartwatch comes in four fashionable color combinations, so it's getting a ton of extra bonus points for being a chic accessory that won't ruin our outfits.

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Head to Marc Jacobs' website to learn more about the Riley Hybrid Smartwatch.