Shoppers Call These Magnetic Necklace Fasteners a "Miracle" for Older Women

They “work like a dream” for long nails, too.

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Shoppers Call These Magnetic Necklace Fasteners a "Miracle" for Older Women
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There are few things more deeply frustrating than facing off with tough jewelry clasps. It should be simple, but whether you have arthritis, long nails, or ones too short to easily get pieces on and off, fasteners can be a hassle — which is why add-on magnetic clasps are a genius fix for people sick of struggling. And to quote a reviewer, one set on Amazon is the "greatest thing since sliced bread."

Much like the adjustable buttons that personally rescued a few pairs of my most ill-fitting pants, DSmile's $9 set of Magnetic Lobster Clasps walks jewelry back from the brink of unwearable. According to the same enthusiast above, they're a "miracle, especially for older women;" each of the set's duos consist of a lobster clasp on one end and a magnet on the other, so you can hook the double-sided system onto any necklace you'd like. And just like that, you no longer have to see a tiny clasp to finagle it. The pieces snap together, and you're set.

That ease is likely why over a dozen people who describe themselves as "older" have awarded the magnetic clasps a five-star rating, and why the product's won over 3,000 five-stars in general. Putting on jewelry becomes "so much easier and quicker," one person said, and despite the magnets' weight, they don't have to readjust them at all during the day. "I can wear my necklaces again," another fan volunteered, writing that their days of dropping necklaces while trying to close them are over.

Dsmile Pack of 12pcs Gold Color and Silver Color Magnetic Lobster Clasp

Shop now: $9;

People with poor eyesight are likewise enamored, as one commenter described. Their 78-year-old mother was having a hard time putting on necklaces, and while the reviewer notes that the clasps don't always work for jewelry with heavy ornaments, they're a great purchase otherwise. As a different customer said, they even fell asleep while wearing a necklace fitted with the magnetic lobster clasps — and awoke to it still in place.

An 82-year-old user agreed that the clasps "make life much easier," and an 84-year-old added that their $9 price is a steal, with similar buys in other metals going for $90. Those with long nails likewise dubbed the clasps a "lifesaver;" now, they no longer need to rely on their family for help putting on jewelry.

As a penultimate devotee said, the mechanics "work like a dream." The simple concept is executed well, whether you have "challenged" fine motor skills or a necklace that just makes it feel that way. If you'd like to try the magnetic fasteners for yourself, get a 12-piece set of silver and gold Dsmile Bilateral Magnetic Lobster Clasps for $9 at Amazon.

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