Arm Parties Are Back, and Everyone's Invited

It's time to pile on your bracelets.

Arm parties
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So, you've been down the path of constellation earrings and know that when it comes to wearing necklaces, a few is often better than one. But, what about bracelets? With the return of fun fashion and revisiting your favorite back-in-the-day trends, you can't overlook the layering situation that started it all.

Arm parties, aka stacking your bracelets, was a trend that had a major moment in the 2010s, when it was cool to pile on beaded options, double up on watches, and even add in a few Sillybandz (remember those?). But a full decade (and then some) later, wearing multiple bracelets is once again a favorite among today's fashion icons, only this time around, it feels elevated rather than quirky.

So, how are the cool kids doing the whole Arm Party thing in 2021? Here are a few tips so you can get on board, too.

Start By Doubling Up

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If you've never been much of a bracelet wearer, you might want to start slow. Simply double up for your next outing, which will quickly enhance whatever you have on and will especially pop against a neutral or monochromatic outfit.

Mix or Match

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You might be tempted to pair gold with gold and silver with silver, but the truth is, it doesn't matter. Fashion-lovers have been mixing metals for years, so go ahead and do the same when it comes to your bracelets. Alternatively, you can pair two of the same design for a more uniform look.

Remember More Is More

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Is there a limit to how many bracelets you can wear at once? Nope! In fact, the more you pile on, the more fun and carefree your outfit will feel. This is also a great way to amp up those breezy sundresses or rompers while on vacation.

Don't Settle For Just One Wrist

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In the past, the focus may have been on just one arm, but now, both can get in on the action. There's really no wrong way to style your bracelets — a random mix will come across as eclectic, playful, and personal! — but wearing chunkier bracelets with thinner options will add some balance to your look.

Remember This Trick Is Versatile

It adds sparkle for special occasions, spices up casual looks, and even works with your swimsuit by the pool. Just like layered necklaces, layered bracelets are wear-anywhere accessories.

Don't Worry About Your Other Jewelry

As for what you can pair your layered bracelets with, that's a personal choice. If you're into a louder, attention-grabbing vibe, stick with drop earrings, hoops, and chains. If you want your arm party to be the statement-making part of your look, choose something subtler, such as tiny studs.

Add in Some Color

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We know we said beads were big in the '10s, but if Bella Hadid is bringing back this specific mix, it's bound to be everywhere in a matter of months. You can even coordinate the colors of the bead with your clothes, just like the model did here.

Try an Alternative

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If you're still on the fence about this trend or just prefer a simpler aesthetic, it's possible follow along in your own toned-down way. Invest in a single eye-catching bracelet, which will create a similar look with none of the fuss.

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