This Stunning Victorian Tiara Could Be Your Own Personal Princess Crown

Victorian Star Tiara Auction - LEAD
Photo: Courtesy of Christie's Emeri

At last, your princess moment is here! The upcoming Christie’s London Important Jewels Auction is serving up some royal realness with this stunning diamond star tiara up for bids. Actually, tiara doesn’t sound quite right. This is a crown worthy of an empress.

The gorgeous circlet features nine (detachable!) old-cut diamond star clusters positively fit for a royal—à la the famous 1865 portrait of Empress Elisabeth of Austria by Xaver Winterhalter, depicting the empress with diamond stars in her hair. Don’t think it’s just the tiara that’s up for grabs, by the way. The stunning crown is part of a set complete with a matching old-cut diamond necklace and drop earrings for a complete look.

Victorian Star Tiara Auction - embed
Courtesy of Christie's Emeri

The dazzling parure comes with a wealth of history, dating back to the Victorian era circa 1870 when stars were a part of a secret language of symbols, subtly representing empowerment and guidance for women in an age of complex social etiquettes—in other words: Women needed an outlet and they found it by way of dazzling star jewelry.

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Christie’s London Important Jewels Auction will take place Tuesday, June 13, in London. Visit for more information on how to bid on this gorgeous Victorian diamond star parure.

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