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Credit: Patrik Demarchelier

For the brand’s 2017 global campaign, fine jeweler Nirav Modi enlisted international superstars Priyanka Chopra and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to appear in a stunning black and white campaign shot by the great Patrick Demarchelier. Why Huntington-Whiteley and Chopra? Together, the two powerhouses represent of coming together of East and West, a theme so omnipresent in Modi’s brand, which is deeply rooted in Indian aesthetic but pulls from the modernity of the Western style.

The portraits of Nirav Modi’s muses feature his diamonds as much as they do his philosophy. “The woman adorns the jewel, which becomes part of her persona, her essence, an expression of her being, an extension of her presence.”

In celebration of the campaign’s launch, and, well, because, diamonds, we spoke to Chopra about early jewelry memories and the power of diamonds.

Fine jewelry, especially diamonds, seems to have an ability to transform. As an actress, you spend a lot of your life transforming into other people and characters. Tell us a little bit about that dichotomy and what it’s like to wear such incredible pieces.
Jewelry is a reflection of your personality and for me, it’s always been about those subtle hints of glamour that you can include in your everyday life. Nirav Modi jewelry is a lot like that: There’s function and a balance that allows you to transform your looks from day to night, effortlessly. What appeals to me most is the versatility of Nirav Modi. There is a certain ease with which you can wear them yet they always make a statement.

I can’t imagine your Quantico character wearing a ton of large diamonds, but if you had to put on your imaginary cap: What would Alex’s favorite piece be from this collection?
Interestingly, Alex has always worn jewelry … in the first season she wore the Om bracelet, and in the second season, she wore a thin statement necklace. She’d definitely go for something that’s high on comfort and low on maintenance but at the same time, it has to make a smashing statement. Something strong and radiant from within, much like he. I‘d say the Celestial Earrings would be her pick; they are simple, elegant and effortless.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
I fell in love with so many pieces during this photoshoot, but I particularly love the Embrace Collection. Its unique stretch mechanism is a feat of artistic engineering and I think it's very innovative and playful, yet classic and easy to wear. There’s something really interesting about this idea because jewelry is an intimate affair, it doesn’t need to weigh you down to be stunning.

Nirav Modi also represents the merging of East and West—India’s high jewelry craftsmanship—with a Western, modern look. How important is your heritage when you decide how to dress? How does this theme of East and West relate to you and your personal style?
India has always had a rich heritage and tradition of jewelry craftsmanship. It’s great to see Nirav Modi embody this value with a modern and global outlook, which as a virtue, is something I closely relate to and share with the brand. My heritage has always been and always will be very important to me, however, I believe you need to dress for the occasion.

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Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever had? What was it?
I started really early … when I was a baby, I was already blinged out. My parents gifted me silver anklets with tiny bells and a traditional bracelet made with black and gold beads that’s meant to ward off evil. I even had a belt made of gold too!

What is the one piece of jewelry you think all women should own?
I think something that lets them express their individuality, certainly something that is versatile and comfortable. For me, it would be the Embrace Bangles because they are such a modern take on the traditional idea of bangles/wrist-wear, a perfect amalgamation of new and old. Technology, heritage, craftsmanship—all blended together to give you that one truly exceptional piece of jewelry you can wear every day.