By Alison Syrett Cleary
Updated Sep 06, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

It’s been two months since Ippolita announced Kendall Jenner as its creative collaborator, and she’s definitely living up the title. To wit, check out the jewelry company’s just-released campaign. The model had behind-the-scenes input in every shot, including this selfie with a self-styled mix of rings:

Credit: Kendall Jenner

Want to come up with an equally cool combination? A new quiz from the brand helps with that: All you need to do is answer a few fun and easy questions on your tastes (like, say, do you admire Jane Birkin or Bianca Jagger's look more?), and it crunches the data to create your jewelry personality, complete with product recommendations, outfit inspiration, and a tailored-for-you playlist. And yes, of course, Kenny was one of the first ones to take it!

See what her results were in the exclusive video above, and visit to discover how you match up!

Credit: Ryan McGinley