7 Female Artists Come Together to Make Fine Jewelry with Meaning

IPPOLITA Charm Bracelet - Lead 2016
Photo: Courtesy

When it comes to purchasing fine jewelry, you want your item to have a great story as much as you want it to have a beautiful gem. And it’s no surprise that Ippolita, a fine jewelry brand known for creating some of the most dynamic pieces, came up with the perfect way to marry emotion and beauty.

On November 7th, Ippolita launched a collaboration with Lizworks featuring seven female artists Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Mickalene Thomas, Rachel Feinstein, Shirin Neshat, and Wangechi Mutu. The goal? To create a charm bracelet to highlight the importance of women supporting women.

A vintage camera, a good luck Hamsa, a “Money Can’t Buy You Love” token, a golden egg, an 18th century styled woman, and a collage of figurines: how can you choose a favorite?

“For centuries both men and women were permitted to "overdo it" in their dress,” Rachel Feinstein told us when asked how accessories have the ability to empower women. “But ever since the 1900's, men have been forced to dress in such boring styles, yet women are allowed to be peacocks! We might as well take advantage of this.”

“[If I were a charm],” Feinstein confessed, “I'd either be something sparkly and fantastical like a gold unicorn or I'd be a very personal and nostalgic charm like a crystal orb with my grandmother's locket in it, or my first dog Chewy's hair or a curl from each of my three children, or maybe I'd have all of their curls combined in a big pink bow!

Each bracelet will be numbered, in an limited editoion of 50, and are available for purchase exclusively at Ippolita Flagship Madison Boutique.

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