"There’s so much sentimental value in handing down anything," she tells InStyle.

Dylan Penn The Last Line
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What’s it like to have a pair of famous parents? Well, we personally can’t answer that question (darn), but Dylan Penn — AKA the daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn — knows all about it. She’s inherited her parents' love of acting as well as their good looks, most recently starring in a campaign for the jewelry brand The Last Line. And, as the 28-year-old tells us, being the kid of a red-carpet fashion icon comes with a few perks, too.

Speaking to InStyle exclusively via email, Penn says that her mom, Wright, has given her a few items from her wardrobe over the years.

“I have some jewelry passed down from my mom, which is super-precious to me,” she reveals. “I love the idea of passing down jewelry. It’s as if you’re handing down a timeless trend — or even a fleeting trend — from one generation to another. More often than not, that trend becomes popular again! There’s so much sentimental value in handing down anything — jewelry, clothing, etc.”

While the star-on-the rise didn’t go into specifics about what, exactly, she’d been given, she did talk more about her love of The Last Line and had a sweet response for who would get the other half of a friendship necklace.

Dylan Penn The Last Line
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What makes the The Last Line different from other jewelry brands?

“I am a big fan of The Last Line. I love being able to layer pieces, whether necklaces, rings or earrings. I am obsessed with really dainty gold pieces mixed with bolder ones like a black, diamond cuff. I also don’t think I could have enough piercings, so I like to fill up my ear and I don’t ever like to take anything off. I have to be able to sleep and shower in my jewelry which is why the brand is so great.”

Do you have a favorite jewelry trend? Why? What’s the trick to pulling it off?

“I love rainbow jewelry! It’s such an easy way to add color to an outfit. The beauty of rainbow jewelry is that there’s no way you can’t pull it off, and these pieces are dainty enough that if you do end up incorporating rainbow items, they won’t overtake or dominate your outfit.”

I saw you’re wearing zodiac jewelry in this campaign. What is your sign and does it apply to you?

“I was wearing zodiac jewelry! My birthday is April 13, so I’m an Aries. While I do follow them, I like to take zodiac and horoscopes with a grain of salt.”

Dylan Penn The Last Line
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The Last Line also sells adult versions of friendship necklaces. Who would you gift this to?

“Probably one of my girlfriends or my mom. They're fun and playful, yet chic enough to be able to wear every day.”

Do you have a favorite movie where you remember the jewelry from?

The Great Gatsby had such great jewelry in the movie. The movie, I think, accurately portrayed the era and really embraces the excess of the ‘20s.”