By Kim Duong
Updated Jul 21, 2017 @ 9:45 pm

Listen: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and clearly, neither was this necklace from David Yurman’s couture collection. If you’re wondering what over 186 hours of labor, 7,000 red spinel beads, and 412 diamonds looks like, allow us to direct you to the stunning image above.

david yurman necklace - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of David Yurman

A glimmering piece made up of 16 strands of red spinel beads, this statement piece is a standout in David Yurman’s High Jewelry Gems Collection. And there's more where that comes from.

Earlier this month during Paris Couture, the David Yurman company unveiled its breathtaking roster of four couture collections. Dubbed Stax, Petals, Pearls, and Gems, each collection its own story. For instance, the Night Petals Collection stems from Yurman’s own sketches, which he completed on late nights when he was awoken by singing frogs near his Putnam, New York apartment.

Who knew frogs could be so chic?