By Katherine Eisenbrand
Updated Mar 15, 2018 @ 9:15 am
Credit: Courtesy of Pandora

Jewelry brand Pandora is going back to their DNA this season: channeling honey-bee charms and classic sterling quality into their newest Spring collection. The 18k gold-plated collection contains radiant yellows, bringing a sense of sweetness and sunshine to this season’s accessories. Pandora’s secret ingredient for success? Well, that’s easy. R&B singer Ciara, who gushed about the new line in New York City earlierl this week and describes the launch as “special and historic” with pieces that are “really cool, really fresh, and full of love.”

The theme of radiance comes through in this collection with bold and bright pieces for bold and bright women. And for those who need a little inspiration, each piece draws amply from Ciara’s dazzling star-power. Ciara tells that “beyond it being amazing jewelry, there’s a deeper meaning. It’s about inspiring us women to be who we are, to feel bright, to shine bright, and to express ourselves creatively.”

The Shine Collection certainly provides opportunities for expression. As always, Pandora shoppers can create their own styles with adjustable chains and customizable looks—trademarks of the brand. Francesco Terzo and Fillippo Ficarelli, VP Creative Directors at Pandora, say the new golden take on sterling silver brings the brand into another dimension.

“We took sterling silver and started evolving the technique, developing it so it’s well done and unique in the scale that we are proposing,” the duo explains. “It’s something that completes our story. It’s super-strong and powerful—and I think we’re going to change the game.” The chemistry and design know-how required to create beautiful gold plating on silver jewelry is impressive enough, but Terzo and Ficarelli’s innovative methods have resulted in true artistry.

Certainly, art and imagination go hand-in-hand, and long-time lovers of Pandora jewelry know that their pendants and charms act just as much as lucky talismans as they do fashion accessories. Ciara shares this view and tells about her own good luck charms. “Two bracelets that Russ got for me that have our babies names on them — things like that are really meaningful to me. And I have a dog tag that I wear that I got made for Russ and me in celebration of Father’s Day and adding a baby to our family,” she says.

The Shine Collection offers many such totems of goodwill, and Ciara fell in love at first sight. “I think there’s something really sweet about hearts in jewelry,” she says. “It’s a symbolization of love. Love conquers all. It is the greatest force on Earth. I’m a believer in having pieces like that because there’s something about an energy that you carry with you when you’re out and about in this world.”

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, and being that Pandora is sort of a go-to for gift giving, we decided to ask Ms. Ciara for a little advice on what to gift our mother figures. “I would say it depends on your girl’s style. For me, I would say the heart pendant is definitely a must. I think any girl will love that. This honey bee motif is really special as well, it’s part of the heritage of the brand — a classic piece.”