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Listen: Brie Larson knows what she’s doing—both with acting (I mean, she’s an Academy Award-winning actress, for one) and fashion (we’re citing her ranking in our Best Dressed Celebrities of 2017 list and also nearly every single red carpet look she’s ever worn). So you can trust that if Brie Larson says something is chic, it’s certified chic. What’s been on her radar as of late, you ask? It’s healing tarot-inspired jewelry made by her good friend Melinda Lee Holm.

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Inspired by healing crystals and insightful Tarot readings, Holm has created a collection of chicer-than-chic baubles featuring carefully selected stones and metals that were created to emulate the cards’ energies and wisdom. There’s the Empress Necklace, a beautiful crystal and gold necklace created to inspire independence and free expression—just as the Empress card does. There’s also the High Priestess earring, an individual piece meant to emulate intuitive power—but you should really see it all for yourself at

"Melinda is a genius who has taken her deep, ancient knowledge of crystals and brought it into our contemporary world,” Larson shares with InStyle. “She's helped me understand that empowerment and meaningful personal storytelling can come from adornment. You can feel the thought and care in every piece."

Shop the Tarot Collection online at And P.S. If you’re wanting a personalized piece made to suit your personal energies and aspirations, then you’re in luck: MLH does that, too, with her signature Prescription Adornments.