Here it is: this year's best-selling engagement ring.

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Best-Selling Engagment Ring Trend of the Year
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Listen, I know people put a lot of emphasis on what they'll wear on their wedding day, but the engagement ring, in my opinion, is waaay more important. A wedding dress (or pantsuit, depending on the type of bride you are) is worn for, let's say, roughly two to four hours. Cut that time in half if you're planning to do an outfit change for the reception. An engagement ring, on the other hand, is something you will look at every. single. day.

It's fun to test out trends, but who knows if you'll be into that look a few years from now? That's why most brides-to-be will put a classic style on their wishlist.

We reached out to one of the biggest players in engagement rings, Kay Jewelers (with more than 1,200 locations nationwide), to find out about 2019's most-popular ring, the halo.

More than 70,000 halo rings were sold at Kay during this year alone. Some of the halos surround pear-shaped stones, while others create frames around cushion diamonds, but the top-selling engagement ring has a round-cut center stone surrounded by more round diamonds, with a total weight of 3/8 carats.

It's sparkly enough to elicit oohs and ahhs, but doesn't cost tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, it's only $1,300. I think they call that ... having your wedding cake and eating it too?

"My now fiancé (woah!!) knew I wanted a ring this style," one fan explains. "And boy did he do good. I couldn’t be happier!!! My ring size is a 3.75 and this is the perfect size diamond. It sparkles like crazy and I’ve received so many compliments on it."

Get a closeup look at the affordable engagement ring people are freaking out over, below.

Kay Jewelers Best Engagement Ring of the Year
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