One is only $60, and you might have the others in your closet already.

By Alexis Bennett
Updated Nov 13, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
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As temperatures continue to drop, it can be tough to find the strength to put together an amazing winter outfit. But Jennifer Lopez never seems to have trouble in the style department, no matter the weather. Even her gym outfits are on point.

For the launch of her latest Quay sunglasses campaign, which was shot in her home with fiancé Alex Rodriguez, Lopez gave us her secret recipe for the perfect winter outfit, plus all of the exciting details on her latest launch of affordable shades.

"All of the sunglasses in the line fit a different mood and a different vibe," Lopez exclusively tells "I can match them up with anything, whether I’m wearing workout clothes or something more glam. Quay has something affordable for everyone and every occasion. For this holiday collection, I like the festive gold accents that are worked into the collection."

The new styles are a reflection of J.Lo's glam style, with oversize frames, stud embellishments, and gold finishes. The collection hits on a few sunglass trends, with ombré, reflective, and blue-light technology lenses. And A-Rod also got involved, helping to put together a cool collection of affordable styles, too.

"We have both been wearing Quay for a long time now, so when we got a chance to collaborate with them, it just made sense," says Lopez. "It was organic, and I think we both were able to bring our confidence and sense of style and self-expression to this. It was a lot of fun to do."

Sunglasses are a must-have in Lopez's wardrobe. Even when it's cold outside, she loves having a great design on hand to top off her winter outfits. "I travel a lot, so a Miami winter is much different from say, a New York winter," says Lopez. "But in general, I love a good statement coat or a nice neutral coat to wear over almost anything. It automatically dresses up whatever you have on. Pair it with good sunglasses and earrings, and you’re set."

We might not be able to afford the fancy coats and earrings Lopez wears, but we can definitely invest in her $60 sunglasses.

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