She’s been wearing this affordable jewelry brand for months.

By Tara Gonzalez
Updated May 28, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
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Credit: NBC/Getty

Jennifer Lopez likely owns the world’s most valuable collection of hoop earrings, and, I find myself constantly thinking about which ones she has. And to the people (including my boyfriend) who say they all look the same, they don’t. A gold hoop earring to me is what the color cerulean was to Miranda Priestly. You think this has nothing to do with you, but your lumpy blue sweater would look better with hoops.

As a Spanish girl from Queens, gold hoops are part of my identity. Of course, they’re part of Lopez’s too. But the ones we grew up wearing are definitely not the pairs she’s been often spotted in these days, which are by designers like Jennifer Fisher and have price tags upwards of $650. Occasionally, though, Lopez wears jewelry so affordable I audibly gasp. Just yesterday, I shrieked when I came to the conclusion that she has been wearing the brand 8 Other Reasons for months and I hadn’t noticed.

8 Other Reasons is similar to BaubleBar in that the jewelry is trendy but the prices are not. Nearly every single piece is under $60, even though many of them look like they’d be much more. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Halsey, and Katy Perry have also worn the brand a handful of times.

Lopez wore multiple pairs of 8 Other Reasons earrings for her latest Guess campaign. She’s also been wearing them in all of the promotional videos for the latest season of “World of Dance.” This style, which she was recently spotted in, is now just $26, and I don’t care about what anyone has to say — I definitely don’t have a pair that looks exactly the same.

Lopez hasn’t retired her favorite Jennifer Fisher hoops (I wouldn’t either) that she also works out in (iconic), but at least I wouldn’t feel guilty about adding her latest pairs to my collection. Shop some of the best jewelry from 8 Other Reasons below.

8 Other Reasons Dance Til Dawn Hoop

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Shop now: $26 (Originally $36);

8 Other Reasons Sterling Chain Necklace

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Shop now: $37;

8 Other Reasons Koko Hoop

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Shop now: $22;

8 Other Reasons Explicit Hoops

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Shop now: $44;

8 Other Reasons Double Time Lariat

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Shop now: $82;

8 Other Reasons Gorg Hoops

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Shop now: $36;

8 Other Reasons Bay Hoops

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Shop now: $63;

8 Other Reasons Unbothered Mini Hoops

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Shop now: $32;