They may not be the warmest tights option, but everyone is wearing them again.

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Fishnet Tights Are Back for Fall and Winter
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It's that time of year again — when the temperature dips well below our comfort level, inspiring us to Google things like 'cool tights outfits' while wondering whether to ditch the accessory altogether. We're never quite sure where the fashion world stands with stockings, hosiery — whatever you want to call 'em — especially since bare legs seems to be preferred by the celebrity crowd. But in 2021, it seems one version has indeed made a comeback. But, like most good news, there's an unexpected twist involved.

The top tights trend for this winter seems to be fishnets, which isn't exactly the coziest option.

Sure, major fashion houses like Fendi, Versace, and more sent other types of tights down the runway, and for a while, it looked like prints were the must-have of the season. But judging from recent street style photos and red carpets, fishnets have somehow stolen the top spot, making a major comeback.

Fishnet Tights
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Of course, the fishnets tights trend didn't come without warning. We were well informed that holes and mesh designs were having a moment, and earlier in the year, Miley Cyrus seemed to be ahead of the game when she wore them with a grunge outfit. And while they may not provide much in terms of warmth, they do pack a punch when it comes to style, making them pretty perfect for everything from holiday events to adding spice to your work outfits.

If you're ready to hop on board, you can quickly scoop up a pair of fishnets from Sheertex ($99), H&M ($13), Wolford x Amina Muaddi ($145), or Stems ($33). There's no shortage of ways to wear these babies, and to get you started, we've gathered some inspiration, ahead.

Wear Your Fishnets With a Graphic Tee and Chunky Boots

Fishnet Tights
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Lean into the grunge look like Tommy Dorfman and stick with dark colors and oversized, statement-making items. Don't forget to add some chains and chokers, too!

An '80s-Inspired Fishnets Moment

Fishnet Tights
Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

If you're hoping to channel this trending decade, pair your fishnets with bright knee-high boots, a miniskirt set, and a turtleneck. Not only is it a fun combination, it'll also keep you nice and warm on cooler days.

Fishnet Tights With a Leather Dress

Fishnet Tights
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Take the sexy nature of this tights style up a notch like Winnie Harlow, who wore a bedazzled pair of fishnets with a leather dress. Sweet platform heels will help to make the look complete.

Replace Neutral Stockings With Fishnets

Fishnet Tights
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Can fishnets feel elevated and fancy? Yes — if you follow Penelope Cruz's lead, wearing these tights with a structured suit look, sticking to a single color scheme, and keeping other bold accessories to a minimum. This outfit could skew boring with skintone stockings and instead it's full of verve.

Give Light-Colored Fishnets a Try

Fishnet Tights
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Where classic black fishnets are statement-making with any outfit, a lighter pair accomplishes the same sexy look a bit more subtly. White, tan, or silver fishnets are a great way to switch things up. On top of being an unexpected choice, it'll complement any neutral ensemble.

Proof That Fishnets Work With Formalwear

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Chloe Flower's black-and-white gown is timeless and traditional, but a pair of fishnet tights makes it feel fresh and fashion-forward. It's a good reminder that this small addition can enhance just about anything in your wardrobe and even feel elegant.