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Dior Visor
Credit: Morgan O'Donovan

The '80s were a memorable time for fashion. There were shoulder pads. There were bodysuits. There were high-waisted jeans. And if you can't tell by those three examples what we're trying to prove, here are some more: leggings as pants, sequins, oversized blazers ... what's old is now new again.

Added to our roster of '80s trends that are back in a big way: the visor.

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Let's start by defining exactly what a visor is. A visor's goal is to protect your eyes from the sun or other bright lights, much like a pair of sunglasses. Except this has added headgear. I like to think of it as an umbrella for your face.

So with so many amazingly chic sunglasses out there, why bring the visor back at all? I couldn't tell you the "why" of it, but I can tell you, they're definitely here, thanks to Dior.

The DiorClub1 Visor debuted during the Spring 2018 collections. Inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle's series of experimental artwork, Maria Grazia Chiuri designed the visor as a reference for the protective eyewear the artist wore for her performances: live productions where she shot at paint-filled balloons with a rifle. And like most things any major fashion house does with a logo smacked on, the visors went viral.

And yes, "normals" like us can buy it, too, in blue, orange, yellow, or black. Here, here, and here for $385.

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