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Credit: By Far

Fashion is as much about personal style as it is about the collective unconscious. Together, we determine the way we dress, by the generation, year, season, and even by the month. Yes, there’s the Devil Wears Prada version of trickle-down trends — no line as telling as when Meryl said “you think you made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you're wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of stuff.”

But the styles we obsess over can trickle up, too. Any counter culture-turned-mainstream style (we see you, urban prairie girls) can attest to that. Sometimes, though, laser sharp trends seem to come from nowhere at all.

All summer long (with heavy momentum into fall), indie shoe and bag brand By Far was the benevolent, extremely stylish ghost that followed me around, begging me to make it my own. Every time I tapped open Instagram, one New York fashion-type or another would put the brand back on my radar — how could I not adore @chloewise’s all-over lime green tribute to the Mira, or @sabinasocol’s beaming face and Tanya-adorned feet?

It’s not just local legends who’ve adopted the brand. Fashion’s white whales are also dedicated fans. The Kates (Bosworth and Upton) are By Far wearers, as are Priyanka Chopra and Jessica Alba. The most die-hard stans of the brand, though, have got to be Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, who seem to be surgically attached to their By Far shoes and bags.

According to the brand, the Tanya shoe is an all-time best-seller, especially in nude patent. But, naturally, it’s constantly sold out everywhere. We’ve managed to find a handful available today, which we’ve linked below across multiple retailers in case they sell out again.

The Danielle is another buyer favorite, and it’s been spotted on Bella and Kendall. This devilishly sophisticated slingback is a thing of beauty and, while we hate to drive ‘desk-to-dinner’ style into the ground, this shoe is your shortcut to being the best dressed person in pretty much any social setting.

On the handbag front, the Rachel bag is proving to be as popular as the Rachel haircut of the ‘90s, and its high-shine patent leather and tiny frame make it feel like it could be from that same era.

For its latest season, By Far has released the Danielle in a brand new color, the dreamiest sky blue, and it’s already threatening to sell out completely — Net-A-Porter stock is precariously low. This column is called ‘I Can’t Not Buy This,’ so don’t doubt that I gave in to my desire for this brand, and this shoe in particular.

The Italian leather upper is smooth and matte. Made out of a family-run factory in Bulgaria, the construction is unimpeachable. The arresting color is an argument in itself for baby blue being the next millennial pink, and the silhouette is completely in tune with our modern desire for the understated elegance of the nineties and aughts.

In short, this shoe is actually a poem, and you can’t change my mind about it.

If you still doubt By Far’s cool girl-power, look no further than its recent collection with Reformation — the be-all, end-all of trend-worthy collaborations.

Credit: Net-A-Porter

To buy: $415; net-a-porter.com

Credit: Net-A-Porter

To buy: $415; net-a-porter.com

Credit: Net-A-Porter

To buy: $530; net-a-porter.com

Credit: Net-A-Porter

To buy: $365; net-a-porter.com

Credit: Net-A-Porter

To buy: $625; net-a-porter.com